Mogo Meanders

We are just back from 5 relaxing days down at the South Coast. It was still warm enough to get wet twice a day, though the swimsuits didn’t totally dry between uses. Halfway through our stay, we made our traditional pilgrimage to Mogo to visit the lolly shop, stock up on secondhand books and EAT!

The first port of call:

I can’t eat sugar as a rule, and seeing as ice-cream doesn’t really float my boat, I sat back and let the others try out their favourite flavours (and saved those naughty calories for this weekend!! haha!). The fact that we simply HAVE to visit this ice-cream joint every time we are down the coast must say something about its quality. ๐Ÿ™‚
Flynn chose the Crazy Cone which he then decided must be rechristened ‘Tutti’s Fruiti’s’. Word for word, he described it thusly: ‘It is sort of cold, ‘cause it is ice-cream. I think it is full of all sorts of fruit, ‘cause it’s tutti’s fruiti’s.’

Zac will always go for the licorice flavour of any food type if there happens to be that option….and at the Mogo IceCreamery he got lucky. He had a Stairway to Heaven scoop on top and a Licorice Licks scoop under it.
Licorice Licks- a strong licorice flavour mellowed by the creamy vanilla streaks.
Stairway to Heaven- a blend of vanilla and caramel icecream shot through with chunks of Belgian chocolate.

Kara had Stairway to Heaven on top of a scoop of Honeycomb Crunch which she says was generously full of crunchy honeycomb pieces.

Bodie’s mango (top layer) /banana (bottom layer) duo is his usual…He chose the fake-ier banana choice, even though there is a true fruity banana option, because he felt that two truly fruity choices might be just all too real. Hmmm….

Andrew’s scoop of Honeycomb Crunch was topped with Macadamia Nut, and the macadamias were still crunchy!

I would have had a scoop of Rum and Raisin if I had chosen to have some… ๐Ÿ™‚ Always my fave.

Then, just before we drove back to the shack, the bottom part of this sign drew us into the Blue Fox’s lair.

To be honest, I probably only go a loaf of sourdough once a year. So while it is yummy, it is not a weekly neccessity. But all of a sudden, driving past the sign, we all NEEDED sourdough. Inside the cafe, we saw two types of sourdough in several sizes. The fruit and nut variation was not really how we roll….so we bought 2 of the large plain loaves.

I was skeptical of getting through even one loaf. Sourdough is an acquired taste for kids. The flash of brilliance, naming it ‘injera bread’(only the kids favourite: Ethiopian sour pancake) saw the first loaf disappear rather rapidly down the children’s gullets pretty much as soon as we got it sliced up.

Check this loaf out! Such a crunchy buttery crust. I would have been happy to eat all of the kid’s crusts, ‘cause that is the generous kind of human ‘bean’ I am, but they didn’t leave me any.

The bread itself was warm, dense and just sour enough. I had a thick unadulterated slab, followed immediately by an equally thick slab, this time thoroughly corrupted by a generous smear (ok, two generous smears) of butter….and then I had to render emergency preventative measures immediately, (aka sucking hard and fast on a sugarfree lolly to rid my weakened tastebuds of all that addictive deliciousness) so that ten minutes later I would not be curled up in a remorseful heap on the kitchen floor, having polished off the second loaf on my own.


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