Usually when I go to the bus depot markets, it is because I have a craving for Fekerte’s and can’t afford to go to her actual restaurant at that particular point in time….so everything else is a bit of a blur, ‘cause my tastebuds drag me past any other temptations on their mission to get stuck into some injera bu wat.

Today was different; I promised the tastebuds that I will be taking them to Fekerte’s restaurant SOON for ‘research’, so today we would ‘look but not touch’ The injera, that is. Also I decided to ration myself to $20 of treats to bring home.

As soon as I passed the homemade drinks man, my mouth started watering and I was thirsty….

…..but I browsed a little first.

Saw some tasty looking food stalls….

I had gone early morning, so I knew I would not be getting any main meals….my original aim was actually just to get baklava….I had been craving it, but a day and a half into Naughty Day I wasn’t craving a whole lot of anything (read: full and overindulged belly…)

Baklava stall

Saw Fekerte’s ………….mmmmmmmmmmm…..thankfully she was only setting everything up so I didn’t give in.

Then I came back past the juice man and got a glass of Apple & Lemon juice $4.
Sweet Mother! Tart, fresh, dominated by the lemon, mellowed and sweetened by the apple which lingered on my palate… (lol, I really think I want to say palate a lot on this blog. Palate, palate, palate!!!) I went away wondering if he sells by the gallon..

I decided to wander around and take some more pics before buying my baklava and heading home. As I did, someone asked me to sample their goods. It was ….the Classic Kettle Cornpeople!!!!

Someone at work first introduced me to kettle corn. It was that good, I went to Hall markets as soon as it was on again specially to get some….now the whole family is addicted and I didn’t get enough bags last time!

When I asked to take some pics, they kindly decided to show me the kettle corn- making process.
The kettle is massive (yes it IS cooked in a kettle) and has oil in the bottom.

The corn and sugar (and I am assuming the salt) mix is poured into the hot kettle. Once the popcorn starts popping, it gets a bit hairy! Check out the protective gear! There was random popcorn popping out as there is no lid on the kettle!

Then the man got real busy, stirring frantically as the popcorn exploded en masse.

The enormous kettle was then tipped over sideways (it is attached to a tipping apparatus thingy…aren’t I awesome with technical terms?) into a great metal container to cool.

Kettle corn seems to have been something that originated in America, but these guys have brought it to Oz. Classic Kettle Corn’s catch line is ‘ slightly salty, slightly sweet’. It is a little reminiscent of caramel corn but lighter and that awesome salty touch brings out the sweetness. While I was there one girl was telling us how her boyfriend sticks his choc top (choc coated ice-cream cone you get at the movies for overseas readers) into his popcorn, so the popcorn had that sweet and salty flavour.
Sweet and salty just go together. They belong together. Buy some! The Classic Kettle Corn guys are at Hall Markets first Sunday of the month, I think, or Bus Depot Markets at Kingston on Sundays.

So this brought my quota to $14, so i realized that I would not be getting a $13 box of baklava goodies this time…. and I bought a loaf of Dom’s Woodfired Spelt, the softest bread Dom had on offer, to please my children, even though i really wanted one of the crusty flavoured breads. The spelt was indeed soft and tasty but next time I will go for crusty! The way I like it!

It was nice toasted….Kara’s lunch:

Next time I go, it will be for the baklava…..and it will be soon.


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