Food Court Fiasco- a Spanner in the Works

I had high aspirations of keeping a classy food blog, complete with succulent photos of whatever latest exotic delicacies I have been tasting on your behalf….
Brimful of enthusiasm for another food adventure, I took Boy 2 out for afternoon tea…..In my mind I was envisaging a late lunch….seared scallops, prawns perhaps, followed by a rich creamy dessert.
At the time, I didn’t pick up on Boy 2’s initial comment ‘ Afternoon tea? Yay! McCafe has these great mini caramel slices!’ : a comment which foreshadowed the course our adventure would take.
I gently informed Boy 2 that we all have times in life where we have to sacrifice for the greater blog post good. And this, for him, was one of those times.
C’mon now, I am running a classy show here! *snort*
So Boy 2 sacrificed; although as we drove through Belconnen, he made comments like,“Well if we don’t find somewhere soon, there is always Café Injoy. They have a really good caramal slice.’
Or ‘Dunno if I ever told you Mum, but McDonald’s McCafe sells excellent caramel slice. Really cheap too!’
He even uttered the horrifying, ‘Maybe you could blog about a trip to McDonalds?’

None of the 6 cafes we checked out had food that we both agreed on. And we are the two easiest-pleased people in our family. Just that kind of indecisive day. It was a little frustrating.
The last café on our ‘check out’ list was Jamaica Blue, whose address placed it in Belconnen Westfield.
Note to self: when on a food blog trip with Boy 2, NEVER take a detour through a food court.
As we crossed the food court to find Jamaica Blue , Boy 2 (now ravenous) spied sushi from Sushi Sushi , and any remaining flicker of interest in assisting Momma in her pursuit of high end cuisine sputtered and went out.
So it was we ended up at Jamaica Blue (Boy 2 with a box of sushi tucked snugly under his arm)ordering a Strawberry milkshake, a latte (my first ever (I was keen to photograph some nice latte art.) , and scones with jam (I know it is strange, but Boy 2 is not partial to cream!)

Once seated, I reached for my friend’s camera to get ready to take some shots . It didn’t work..Then I remembered where the memory stick was… home still plugged into the computer…..Arrrgggghhh!

I was done! We took the food to go…

By the time we arrived home our status quo was:
1 disillusioned food blogger
1 reasonably satisfied Boy 2
minus 1 sloppy takeaway scone: devoured whole in the car trip, along with the shake.
1 latte: tepid. Whatever latte art that HAD existed looked now more like ‘preschool art’, all smudged and distorted by a plastic lid and all the sloshing around in a car.
1 plate of sushi-which was looking better by the moment!

Prawn roll

Tempura prawn roll
Squid inari. Inari is the only tofu product I like. I love it.
And seaweed Inari
Jamaica Blue is a busy little café next to the cinemas at Belconnen. Sushi Sushi is directly opposite in the food court!

I had to add this photo. Boy 3 who has grown up seeing me take pictures, composed his own food pic after I had gone. He had me come out and capture it. 🙂

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