Ruchi- South Indian Cuisine

Last night, Jane and Sarah from our small group ventured out for dinner with me at Ruchi on Jane’s recommendation. Why ‘ventured’? I still feel a little self-conscious taking photographs of every dish that arrives at my table, so I can only imagine it might be a little disconcerting for my dinner companions.
The word Ruchi means ‘taste’ and Ruchi, the restaurant is the only restaurant in Canberra to offer the gentle yet rich, distinctive flavours of South India. I planned to be the first one to arrive but ended up being the last to slide into my chair, even though I was 5 minutes early.
While I love (love, love) looking at menus, sometimes a great deal of choice boggles my tiny mind. Ruchi’s full and varied menu did that to me, even though I had already seen it on the internet beforehand. Hence I went with one of Jane’s recommendations, choosing a dish she enjoyed on a previous visit.

My Vegetable Bhaji entree was yummy. Anything deepfried in chickpea batter floats my boat, so I knew I was onto a winner. Mine was the biggest entree by far (surprise!) 2 onion, 2 potato and 2 eggplant bhaji. My favourite was the meaty eggplant bhaji. They all were crunchy with moist soft insides. The accompanying green coconut relish was mild and delicious. I wanted more.

Sarah had thePaneer Tikka Masala for entree(the girl loves her cheese). 4 generous pieces came with two tangy sauces that carried some heat.

Jane’s Vegetable Samosas were tasty, full of well spiced potato and peas, but I really love my meat samosas!

Did I mention that I had a refreshing mango lassi? Cannot eat Indian without it… really cuts through the heat of the curry.

My main, Chicken Palak, was the hottest dish of the night, though it was still mild. The chicken pieces were generous and there was plenty of fragrant spinach sauce to sop up with our various breads. (those being a plain Naan, garlic Naan, and a plain Paratha.

Jane’s main, the Chicken Kerala was divine. Big tender hunks of chicken in a cream sauce that had a real nutty (cashew?) taste to it. If you like your food salty, this dish is for you. I sure do! Mmmm mmm.

Sarah ordered an unusual daal–like main, Vegetable Kootu. It was unique in that the lentils were cooked together with vegetables and grated coconut . It was fresh and certainly not overcooked. You could see the separate peas; it had a smoky quality.
It was a very tasty dinner all up. Ruchi is located in Oatley Cct, Belconnen. It’s modest prices and mild filling dishes make it a great place for families and groups to check out and a great take away option.


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