Smithsonian and a visit with the Royal family

( Today’s pic is the 7 yr old playing with some astronauts at the Museum of American History during a rest.)
Today we caught our first train into DC. It is going to be simple getting around. Our wonderful host Donna had dropped us to the closest metro station. We were Smithsonian-bound!
There was a brisk wind chasing us on the walk to the museum of Natural History. It was a great museum as there was lots of kid- friendly exhibits and things to press and touch. We should have spent longer here, I think.
For lunch we definitely wanted cheap. Since Bodie is very keen on us getting $1 McChicken burgers, we decided on McDonalds. We had lots of bad advice on the closest one, which was an unpleasant experience in the freezing cold wind. We eventually found one after several blocks of back-and-forthing ๐Ÿ™‚ Bodie had 4 of afore-mentioned burgers for lunch!!
I realized getting 2 more museums done in the day was unrealistic with the current number of tired feet. We went back to do American History which was also well done. The only downside was it was less child friendly and the child friendly area was under construction.
Our lovely American friends who we met in Oz- the Royals-came to see us at the museum and then after another look around , they took us for a driving tour past all the tours and monuments. Having both worked on the Hill in previous years they know their way round DC.
The kids were all very thirsty and ravenous after all that so we went to dinner.
We ate at Good Stuff Eatery that is apparently popular with the current US president and his family. The Royals shouted us dinner and with 4 youngsters eating out at a restaurant it was busy times!!
The food was great. The company better.
After they very kindly dropped us home, we freshened up and visited with Donna a little. We love her place, so she got out the photo album documenting the story of her home’s evolution. Her horror stories were quite hilarious. She has a dry wit. ๐Ÿ™‚
Bed. Sounds good.
I had great plans for this to be a quality literary blog, but the reality is I am flat out living the Trip- there is only time to outline events so I never forget them.
Tomorrow: the Spy Museum and Christmas shopping .

Tomorrow’s challenge: Christmas shopping for each other. We need to buy small flat things. My idea of getting each other USA magnets each didn’t go over well.


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