International Spy Museum in record speed

In this AirBNB home we are staying at, our host is just amazing.
We noticed this evening that she has been laundering our towels every day, and also making the beds up better than we did initially.
She has dropped us into the metro and picked us up. And we also noticed that she is continuing to stock up the drinks fridge which she said was left mainly by previous guests. I am guessing she only says that so people feel free to help themselves to her food.

We had a full day today despite only scheduling in one museum. We had only heard bad things about the International Spy Museum plus in a city where all the other museums are free I was not excited about parting with ( more) money.
But the kids’ had friends who had sworn it was amazing so I kept my promise to them.
We got there far later than planned and the long line didn’t help. We only had 45 minutes before we had to meet a school friend of Andrew’s in Chinatown.
The place was packed out as in: Packed Out! We couldn’t turn in there.
We immediately moved further in. There is a lot to see and go through at a slow pace. Lots of decoding exercises and interactive activities. If only there weren’t so many people. As it was, we hustled through the rabbit warren of rooms in lightning speed. The store attached had so many appealing gadgets and disguise kits.
Then we raced to Chinatown ( stopped only by a very pushy man who bullied me into a donation as I was about to cross the street. So furious with him. I need to be a stronger person) to very trendy Matchbox (ranked #25 in DC restaurants in Tripadvisor)
The folk were lovely , great to hear an Aussie accent! The food was amazing! The biggest onion rings ever seen, though they were not great. Big is not always better. The pizzas were crisp and tasty, the burgers juicy and my salad well dressed and fresh tangy flavors. We weren’t allowed to pay!
After a lovely visit we trekked a little further via the Metro to do our Christmas shopping for each other at the Pentagon City Mall. Donna (our host) had told us not to go to her crummy local mall, but to go here instead. Big mistake. She must think we are wealthy. I knew about 10 minutes in that it was way too ritzy for us. So we got back on the metro and took our weary feet ( aching backs, sore heads, and caffeine-deprived nerves ) to the original mall that had a TARGET! Sooo happy to see it! Not so happy to see more people with huge trolleys than I have ever seen in one place. Massive lines to get out.
I went looking to get the fixings for a Christmas dinner but I don’t want a huge frozen turkey. Still got to work out what we are going to cook there. I managed to get frozen beans, a fantastic apple pie and the ingredients for sticky buns for Christmas morning.
Then the nightmare of trying to get fun stuff for everyone for Christmas that is the same shape and weight of a small ruler. Big fail.
We worked out that we could walk back to Donna’s house in 20 minutes at a brisk pace with the big fat trolley. I feel guilty having her come get us, you see.
But at that moment, I caved. I could not physically do it. Bodie fetched me a coffee, Andrew called Donna and life slowed down a little.
We got home, heated up our packaged ziti with meatballs.
Thus refreshed, we are now relaxed and readying ourselves for Christmas Eve and more adventures with the Royals!

Today’s Struggle: the 7 yr old is starting to have these things I could only call mini- tantrums. They are driving me insane. He has never had tantrums before. But we are all struggling a little with it. I am hoping it is a combination of longish days, ear pain that he still has, and strange bedtimes.

Bafflement of the day:
What is it about people sleeping on the metro? Do they miss their stops ever? Everyone seems to do it. One gorgeous girl actually gad a spider web of drool dribble down onto her sleeve. This sleeping on the train befuddles my brain.


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