Christmas Eve and Christmas

( photo of the 7 yr old and his friend Isaiah standing on the church pew as wise men every time wise men were mentioned in the Christmas story. All the kids came dressed as nativity characters and took part. A great idea!!)
So nice to sleep in as long as we wanted this morning! Nothing planned before a 3:30 pm Christmas Eve service and then dinner with our friends the Royals. Bliss!
After breakfast we played pool several times and Kara did a bit if baking.
After a leisurely lunch we metro-ed our way to where Jed Royal picked us up for church. En route we encountered the first situation where I felt the stirrings of fear in my belly.
At one station several people boarded the train and there was one guy smoking and loud. He was young and dreadlocked but his smile was off. As in, it was a smile that seemed to be hiding anger. He appeared to be scanning the car for someone to pick a fight with him. No one looked at him overtly. So he picked a victim and started the filthiest monologue with him. Getting no response, he pushed him to the wall and seemed to be demanding his wallet. I was horrified but momentarily- it turned out that they knew each other. Someone piped up about his having a cigarette on the metro. This person then wore the brunt of disgusting verbal assault with heavy sexual overtones in front of a car fu of kids.
I was so glad he was gone the next station but saddened for the women he had talked about encountering. Poor poor women!
We had a lovely church service and then went back to visit with the Royals.
Hannah, I quickly remembered is a fabulous cook and entertainer. She whipped up some appetizers before our main course of Peruvian chicken with two knockout dipping sauces.
It was all delicious.
And such a delight to hang out with Hannah, Jed and their gorgeous kiddos again.
We stopped past a house with the lights synchronized to music on a radio station and we tuned in as we parked there.
A brief Skype with my family. So lovely to see those dear faces!!!
Then: Bed!!!!

25th-We didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn this morning courtesy of the 7 yr old’s repeated coming out last night despite a couple of warnings. So we didn’t rise till 8:15.
We all knew what we were each getting for each other anyways seeing as we all shopped in the same store and shared a trolley!!!
It was a relaxed morning with everyone looking at and working on their presents.
I did not make the traditional breakfast sticky bins as the the delightful Hannah Royal gave me done Trader Joe’s frozen, leave-out-overnight-to-rise chocolate croissants.
They were perfect.
Donna was out doing her family Christmas lunch. Our laziness continued long into the afternoon with games of pool interspersed with reading and probably some tv watching by the kids.
I put the beef roast on the crock pot and it was tender and tasty by 6. Donna joined us as we feasted on roast beef, gravy, potato bake, buttered beans and apple crumble pie for dessert.
We had a much more successful Skype with my family now we know about the time delay.
Tomorrow, Harley Davidson factory in York, PA- and seeing a dear childhood friend Sherrie and her girls at Bird-in-Hand and Lancaster, PA!
Cannot get enough of: squirrels!!! They are so cute and they run like little fairies and their tails are amazing!!!


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