In which the Taylors encounter snow and wanted it to stop

This morning we rose early for dear Donna to drive us in and get our new rental. It was raining and sleeting on the way in but after we picked up our rental it started snowing.
Snow is magical and soft and drifting if you don’t have to cram your suddenly excess luggage into the car ( which somehow could only fit 3 of our suitcases in the boot) in it.
Hence we drove through a snow-drift with our limbs displaced by miscellaneous bags and suitcases, our faces unattractively plastered against the window.
Great snow ploughs were charging ahead fixing the highway on both sides
We were heading for York to see the Harley Davidson factory. As Flynn couldn’t go due to his age, the guys dropped us off at what appeared to be an eatery but turned out to be a gas station. So Kara, the 7 yr old and I trudged out into the snow drift and walked to Cheddars. It looked expensive and my heat sank. But we had nowhere else but s toilet to go to and stay warm. So we stayed. –
A quick glance at the menu put my heart at ease. Good and tasty and cheap.
The guys came over real soon as the wretched factory is closed!!!! Poor Bodie!!! He had so been looking forward to it.
After our tasty meal, we were headed for Amish country. Oh it is beautiful!
I fell in love with the area! I wish we had more time here.
We hit a tourist trap to wait for a dear high school friend, Sherrie and her girls. We tumbled out of the car, stretched and then the blast of snowdrift hit us hard. We raced to the closest place which of course was a toys tore! :). The charm of the village wore off quickly on the freezing cold. I just wanted to be cramped and smushed up against luggage in the warm car.
Sherrie pulled up, (looking delicious!!!!) for a quick hug before we drove out to our home for the night Rocky Acre.
It is absolutely gorgeous. But it was freezing and getting dark.
We stomped through the crunchy snow o the front door, and into the kitchen where our distracted host
Told us where to go.
My heart sank a bit as we came to our rooms. They are gorgeous rooms, but not much to do for the kids as all the farm fun is outside. Of course, kids being kids- they all connected and had a great time.
Sherrie ordered in pizza delivery and we had a catchup of some of what has been happening for us in the last 20 odd years.
Then an early turn in!
We missed the cow milking this morning due to not reading the farm manual properly. It would have been great to see.
At about 8 when the breakfast bell boinged, we all obediently trounced downstairs and were seated. It was a full house with 6 families in residence.
After grace and as a hearty and amazing farm breakfast was being passed around , we had to introduce ourselves. There were other Aussies!
For food was fruit platters, coffee cake, French toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and orange juice.
Galen who owns the farm came in after to tell us about the rides we could do, and then easily performed three card tricks that blew our minds!!
The kids took part in the pony ride, the barrel cart ride and the tractor ride, all in the freezing rain. But it was fun!
The lovely and talkative hostess gave me an American Christmas star decoration as a parting gift. So sweet.
Sherrie and I rode together with the youngers in her car on the way to her place. Great to catch up with her. She is a precious girl!!
We were not without our adventures and debacles. A couple missed turns plus throw in Sherrie and Michelle’s Harley Davidson Store Hunt; so much memory making!!! Haha. We were very ready to pull into Sherrie and Mark’s driveway late afternoon.
We were tired!
Sherrie soon got to making her famous tacos with homemade tortillas. They were amazing and then we had 3 different pies for dessert!!! Shoefly pie, pumpkin pie and Funny pie. All divine! Sitting around a table full to bursting with fabulous people is an amazing feeling.
After a quick trip to Walmart to get supplies for New York, we came back and had a funny evening chatting, working out subway routes and looking at random stuff on google maps. These folk are amazing!!!
Tomorrow: scrapple for breakfast and an early start to NYC!


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