Day in Times Square

Last night’s karaoke party pulsating under our apartment seemed to go on forever. It officially ended at 2 am but there were definitely stragglers!
We were wrecked.
I let everyone have a big sleep in and after a late breakfast we headed in for an early lunch in Manhattan at Bubba Gumps. We walked through rain and snow to our subway but it was a much smoother trip.
We quickly located the restaurant. But getting anywhere was like wading through a massive mosh pit.
We finally got inside. It was a huge queue in there. We were told a 40 minute wait. A few members of our group were unhappy about the wait. I am not going to panic and give in next time. I did this time and after trying out Hard Rock Cafe ( an hour wait), we caved in to go to McDonalds. I hate caving in and going there. Hate hate hate it! We passes some street food and I made up my mind to get something for myself there after buying the others their McDonalds lunch.
The line at Maccas still took 15 minutes by which time we would nearly have been seated at Bubba Gump’s. *grumble*.
I then raced back and got a beef and a chicken kebab. The beef was the tenderest tenderloin you would get. Perfection. I also got some honey roasted coconut. To die for!!!!
Once fed, we moved within the thronging crowd to get to M&M world. It was fabulous but way, way too crowded.
We then gave up the fight against crowds and headed home. It was dark and 5 by the time we got out of our train.
Dinner: the local Chibesecehich all the locals highly recommended. Generous portions and very tasty, without being in any way authentic. All the locals kept coming in and getting the chef to ‘soul food-ify’ their orders. Too funny.
Subway tidbits:
-quite regularly today, a couple guys would board the tube’ saying: ‘ok ok, it’s show time, folks!’ And next thing there would be music and dancing and tricks. The 7 yr old was entranced as he fancies himself somewhat of a break dancer.
– we have found New York locals a great help as far as directions and subway info go

Accomodation- methinks our host may have a major in photography and a minor in photoshop as the home is much smaller and dingier than represented on the website!!!


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