Well, we woke up to the world’s most amazing pancakes cooking for us along with our first taste of scrapple ( yay!) the coffee was perfect!
Sherrie and Mark just took car of us so very very well.
They spoiled the kids with huge stockings just before we left. It was an awesome visit!
Squashed back into the van, we sat back to experience several hours driving and then another couple courtesy of NYC traffic. It was reee-dicalus!!!!
Our first glimpse of the New York skyline and the green lady herself was hugely exciting though. Missing the turn to the car rental return after crawling like a snail for an hour to get there and then having to endure getting back there nearly did our heads in. ( we had dropped our luggage in at our digs first. Let’s just say that our place here is a fixer-upper set over a restaurant that is also a nightclub patronized by really bad karaoke-ers who try to make up for quality with their volume. As I write this our entire apt is throbbing to the vibe! The heater is broken on high heat do we have had to crank up the cooling system and open window!!!! What an adventure!)
Once we dropped the sardine tin back, we set off at a rocking pace to cover 34 blocks to where our Christmas Lights and Cannoli tour was starting. I enjoyed most of that as we were passing amazing lights and the vibrance of Times Square.
We finally found the place and had time to grab something to eat before us bus pulled up.
This tour is highly recommended and let me pass on all that. We saw all the over-the-top gaudy lights in Dyker Heights with the tag line being ‘ Rockefeller Centre? Fuhgettaboudit!!’
It was really well done with an amazing tour guide Paula who was witty and friendly. The 7 yr old became her assistant to patrol the bus and make sure everyone was back on after each walk around.
It started at 7 pm and finished at 10:30.
We were on the subway right away and I found the train that took us to our place. Unfortunately it went to a place of the same name but not where we wanted to go!!!! We had another bus ride ( that we got for free as we had no coinage( and a walk.
Home by 11:30 to find the karaoke in full scary swing. Bodie is not happy- asking for a motel. I just got burned by the radiator that is hissing like it is about to gas us all.
Oh dear!!!!
We are going to regroup tomorrow!


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