Disney and the eardrum

Too tired to write much today- but i was too tired yesterday so i have made myself.
Today was a bit of a grumpy day. We were out of our place by 10:30 and off to Downtown Disney for our fun lunch reservation. It was a day where the rain was spitting gently down, not at all unpleasantly.
We dined at Rainforest Cafe, a kids dream of a restaurant with life size jungle animals that come to ‘life’ every 15 minutes and a forest storm every 20 minutes without rain. The 7 yr old enjoyed it, as did we all. The food was pretty basic but for the baked salmon which was amazing.
The plan was to go to a Walmart between lunch and our dinner reservation, and get a stroller to put the 7 yr old in for all the miles of walking we will be doing as well some cheap snacks for Disney.
That got thrown out the window when for some reason we ended up at….. the movies???????
Which meant we were late for our dinner and then still had to go shopping afterwards. Growl!
The dinner was at T-Rex which was Rainforest Cafe with prehistoric creatures instead.
Good but I was so tired and grouchy by that point.
We got home late, knowing we had to get up at 6:30 for an early Disney start.

5th- we had to drop our house key back to the main office, then go to Epcot at 8 to be at the front of the line for the rope drop.
We made great time and boy was it a good thing cause very quickly the lines got crazy long waiting for the opening!
As soon as the rope drop happened, we sprinted (like the touring plan told us to do) we sprinted like crazy to Soarin’ and got in the first group though. We did 6 ‘rides’. The longest line we had all day was 5 minutes! So awesome. After our lunch at Coral Reef (with the largest restaurant aquarium in the country) we raced back to T-Rex to get my credit card where I had left it the night before.
Then headed with great anticipation to our hotel- Kidani Village, an African inspired resort at Disney. Our enthusiasm dampened after having to wait 2 1/2 hours to get in. But the resort is amazing. Even our room has great views of the animals roaming in the resorts savannah. Stunning!!!
There is a pool but also a huge water play area where you can simply get refreshed. The kids have enjoyed the games and play room facilities already.
The 7 yr old started complaing of ear pain again as we were heading out to dinner.
We had a great time at Biergarten- German buffet dinner with oom-pa-pa band and entertainment. The food was excellent for a buffet. So much meat!
The 7 yr old went down and danced during the songs, but was clearly in pain.
So now we are back in our room, waiting for doctor to come see him here. Thank goodness for medical insurance!!

Highlights: having Krush ( Finding Nemo surf dude turtle) chat with the 7 yr old live during Turtle Talks.
Soar in’ was an amazing ride
The resort!!!

Lowlight: having the 7 yr old storm: ‘ I haven’t had more bad days all together than on the trip!’


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