Animal Kingdom

The medical concierge ( mobile doctor attached to the resort)came at 1:30 in the morning and after inspection, declared the 7 yr old had an infected ear, pharyngitis and start of respiratory infection.

He stayed for ages being friendly and doing some chemical swabby test for a weird throat illness that he didn’t have.

I think that test must have helped to hike the bill up so much, but I nearly died when he wrote out the rd riot. I am in the wrong business. Medical concierge is where it’s at!

We woke up a precious few hours later for getting into Animal Kingdom. Zac had pulled something in his leg the day before do he wasn’t wanting to come.

We had another fabulous morning following the touring plan. We had no more than a 2 minute wait at even the headliner rides. So awesome.

I loved Animal Kingdom. It is so vivid and well thought out. It felt like a little global village. A very village- y feel.

Doing the animal safari was a highlight. Like a real safari! I don’t know if the circle of life goes full circle here at Disney when it comes to predators and prey. Hmmmmm!

We only stayed till 12:30 and came back for lunch and to see Zac.

I was sad to miss the shows so hopefully on our final half day we will go back and see them.

After lunch, it was pool time at the resort. The youngers and I had fun cooling down in the balmy Florida winter. I was a bit of a pain to the two of them cause I kept worrying about the 7 yr old’s ear getting wet.

I finally banned him from the water, so he joined the poolside events. When he won a competition, he was thrilled, but told the organizer that he wanted to pass on a message to his fellow competitors that they were all winners. She announced it to the future pool via microphone!

Our dinner was funny, tho not in the way we planned. Whispering Canyon Cafe is famous for waiters with big, mannerless personalities. Also for playing up Disney’s competition with Universal. So we came all excited to tease our waiter by trying to order Butter Beer.

Our sweet clueless waiter had no idea what butterbeer was! And refused to be attitude-y at all! :). He was too sweet! Even when he threw the napkins and straws at us, it was done too nicely. I did get to ask for ketchup, then we all had to shout it out loudly and have all the kids from other tables run over with 19 bottles of the stuff. The 2 waitresses next to us were brilliant and I just sat and watched them.

Went home to chill.

Watched my first episode of Honey- Boo -Boo. Oh my….


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