Aloha, cousin!

We were up early and lined up for our second day at Epcot.
Yet again, our system of running to get Fast-passes for the super popular rides worked a treat! We also got to visit the countries we had missed.
The big disappointment was that the one real souvenir I wanted for myself is no longer sold in ‘Canada ‘. Anne of Green Gables….. Boohooey!!!
Our lunch in ‘France’ involved escargot ( snails) and real French onion soup.
By the time we got home we were all so weary. I managed to drag my self off the couch for about 45 minutes to take the 7 yr old to his poolside fun. There were no activities as it was sprinkling, but after I put silicone ear plugs in him (thanks for the suggestion Robsy!!)
the 7 yr old had 10 goes on the slippery dip. Swimming is really wearing him out.
We had another dining adventure tonight. I had booked a place to give us a great view of Magic Kingdom’s Wishes Fireworks.
We were right next to the window, but the wretched trees were in the way! Which gave us the giggles. means we need to go watch them at the park tonight. But the restaurant called Ohana, was geared for kids and a fun experience. All the waiters call you ‘cousin’! Disney does everything well.
Sweet fact: Do you know, whenever we come back to our hotel, the staff all say ‘ Welcome Home’ to us!
This entry is short as I think I am fatiguing. I am achy and coughing but not really a cold.


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