Magic Kingdom Day 2

I had a horrible night with feverish dreams that I kept waking up from nearly every hour. By 6 am, I figured I may as well get up. Every part of me felt achy and hot.

Zac had been so sick the night the night before and Bodie had been up feeling feverish too, so we left them home for a good sleep in.

We still got to Magic Kingdom early and had several hours there. We did Space Mountain. It had so many fast twists and turns at high speed in the dark; I was so busy trying to protect the 7 yr old’s neck from any damage, I hardly had time to be terrified for my own whiplash. I won’t be doing it again!!!

Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor was great interactive comedy. I also found the unusual Carousel of Progress very well done.

By the time lunch stuff was bought and we got home, it was 2 pm. Bone weary! After a rest hour, I trouped the younger two down to the pool (and the water slide). I felt so hot sitting down there, it was a relief to slide into the water. I even went on the water slide a few times. An hour and a half later, I was freezing. We got out; hit the spa till my bones warmed back up.

The kids were thrilled o have a night in with Chick Fil A. Honestly, after my backside hit the couch, I barely moved.

Tomorrow is our last full day at Disney! How fast this trip has gone by! We will be at Hollywood Studios and hopefully are all in good health.

I am looking forward to our lunch at 50’s Prime Time where you get in trouble for bad manners all the time apparently. Hope this will be a more interactive experience than the one we had at Whispering Canyon Cafe….


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