Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our last early wake up day! Disney Hollywood Studios was on our agenda and it was a wonderful day. Thankfully both Zac and I felt a lot better.

There were great quality movie shows to see and rides to experience at this park. We got to play a shooting-for-points game Toy Story style.

I was impressed with the attention to all the rooms that await us before we enter each ride.

Again, short lines!!

We saw an American Idol show that was just like the real tv show. One of the 3 contestants was an Aussie. I really liked his singing but ended up voting for the young guy with a fabulous voice.

The car and motorcycle stunt show was nearly my favorite. I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy good the stunt guys are. It is impossible that no one got hurt.

Our anticipated lunch at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe where all the waiters are our brothers and sisters, and we get in trouble if we put our elbows on the table or don’t eat our veggies.

Our waiter Brother Michael was gruff as he read out the ‘rules’ to us; he made Bodie set the table. But after that he was disappointingly….nice. I pointed out that Andrew hadn’t eaten his veggies- but Brother Michael did not stick him in the corner with his nose to the wall. I plonked my elbows hopefully all over the table and secreted salad obviously under my mashed potato but no writing lines for me. Such a nuisance!!

After the park, it was back to the resort for a final swim. Tomorrow we fly back to where the American adventure all began. What a trip! What a full circle!


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