Last days in LA

Sat 13th-
Today with Zac still coughing and now the 7 yr old with a fresh cough….our first day back in LA was indoors with the TV on.
Kara came to scout out a local grocery store with me. A kind man from our hotel had pointed one out to me, and as we crossed our first intersection, I decided to verify that we were headed the right way. I turned to another pedestrian and asked if he was a local.
He said in a deep movie- style gangster growl, ‘ I used ta be…’
I asked about this grocery store which was supposed to be a little like a 7/11. He snorted: ‘I wouldn’a know. I don’t shop at such places!’
As we parted though, he did realize the store I meant and pointed it out.
Food in LA is expensive. Hollywood is hopping with life just like before. This time around however, I am not overwhelmed. I am enjoying itinerary.
At 3 pm Kara and I put our freshly washed feet into our clean socks and then into our shoes and we started walking off our mani/ pedi appointment.
Once inside, we were offered refreshments. On the dot our digits were attended to for a full 2 hours. 2 hours!!!!!! Oh my goodness!
I can’t stop looking at my toes and fingers. They are seriously so attractive!
We went to bed early, cause we are a little exhausted, getting over illness.
Sun 14th
Up for the continental breakfast today. For a modest hotel, I really recommend this place. It is so close to Walk of Fame, they do housekeeping every day and put on a free light breakfast each morning. Really good!
We then caught a bus to church. We were headed for the Hollywood Church. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a lot like our church. They had a big morning tea ready for before the service. It was an unusual service, as the 3 pastors were taking turns sharing the vision for the church. I was really impressed with all three of them.
After the service they served pizza!
A lovely gentleman who works with CBS on the Survival finale set among other things, took us under his wing and insisted on taking us to Farmers Market via CBS studios.
What an awesome dude!
We were waiting at Farmer’s Narket for our tour guide. Right on time he came around with my name held up. He was disappointed to see me, as he had sent an email saying there had been an issue and he needed to pick us up back at our hotel as the van was full till then.
However, we didn’t get that email, so for 20 minutes the van was VERY full!
The tour guy was amazing with his knowledge and was witty as well with it. He has years of experience and knew his stuff. It was a long tour however and now we are tired!


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