Let’s Go Fly a Kite at the National Arboretum

I have become acquainted with the National Arboretum in stages. It began with me vaguely admiring about the architecture jutting out from the side of the green terraced hill as I drove past on my way to the city; the smaller building reminded me of the Sydney Opera House. Then last year I used their Himalayan cedar forest for a series of golden hour photo-shoots. b

I started seeing the ‘wide brown earth’ sculpture being featured on friend’s Facebook images and it twigged that this was a sculpture at the National Arboretum. Finally, curiosity drew me to the top of the hill a couple of months ago. Thankfully I had the 9 yr old in tow because the Pod park is all kinds of amazing. photo

And yesterday we went whole hog. Brought a kite with us! We went into the Village Centre first. What a beautiful space. The stretching views over our city are unfettered.


The café is open 7 days 9-4 and serves lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea staples.


The 9 yr old wanted to know why this circle of the floor was fenced off so we checked it out.  It is a Tree Rings made from entirely from a wide variety of salvaged native timbers.  The comprehensive list is next to this feature.


We noticed that the store sells kites, in case you forget to bring one. (Though our little cheapy worked well)


We dropped in to look at the bonsai collection. Each one is a work of art and transported me to another place (I think that other place may have been Japan) It is surreal to be able to look down on a tree from all angles like God might. 🙂       DSC_6361 DSC_6367 DSC_6368 DSC_6377 DSC_6372 DSC_6374 DSC_6375


Then it was kite time!!! I thought the 9 yr old would give up after a few minutes, but he ran all the way down from the top, then back to the top again, and again and again…..


When he got exhausted, he did some lazy kite-flying:


After the sun had begun to really set, we packed everything into my back pack and headed out. The 9 yr old somehow mustered the energy for a few minutes play at the Pod Park.

DSC_6473 DSC_6472 DSC_6479


My little Harry High-pants is tenacious.  He would not give up till he worked out a way to scale this little wall with his freezing fingers. DSC_6490

The musical bridge that plays when you jump on the bells.



We are going back again today. 🙂 This time I am bringing the teenaged daughter as well and we are going to sit on the grass and write as the boy child runs. Holiday bliss! The National Arboretum website: http://www.nationalarboretum.act.gov.au/ Price: free!


2 Comments on Let’s Go Fly a Kite at the National Arboretum

  1. Kay Fuelling
    July 8, 2014 at 4:54 am (6 years ago)

    Really really enjoying your blog Michelle. We are coming through Canberra on our way to Melbourne in January and your stories are making me very excited to revist past places that we loved 6 years ago, and explore exciting new ones. Thanks heaps and keep it up 🙂

    • admin
      July 8, 2014 at 1:19 pm (6 years ago)

      Oh I am so glad to hear that Kay! I am excited to find out where you end up going and what your new favourites are. 🙂


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