My Top 10 Cheap Mince Recipes


Last time I was saving hard for a trip, the cheapest meat I could buy was home-brand sausages.  There was really only so many ways I could change it up and make those sausages taste different; we all got So. Sick. Of. Sausages.

Imagine my great relief at recently sourcing Aldi’s ‘bulk value mince’ as the cheapest meat I can find at $4.99/kilo!

So this time around it is going to be 100 ways with mince!

Just kidding.  I have way too little imagination or interest in cooking to come close to that many.

But here are 10 diverse, delicious and CHEAP recipes with beef mince that I will rotate through each fortnight for the next 11 months.

Although I have about 50 cookbooks, I barely use them.  All the following recipes, I sourced online.  Fort the most part they use cheap ingredients that produce a crowd-pleasing dish.

Where the recipes call for particular vegetables as in the stir fry or just as a side dish, I substitute the Winter Vegetables (2.79/kg ) from Aldi.  I’m cheap classy like that.  🙂

1.  Greek pastitsio ( I love pastitsio, the Greek version of lasagne.  This is a very basic, cheat version. You may be weirded out about the thought of using cinnamon in savoury.  If so, then omit it, but in my opinion, it makes the dish.  I also substitute home-brand noodles.

2.  So simple, so cheap and EVERY one in this house loves them: simple burgers (Food Republic) Add your favourite toppings.

3.  I could eat a baked potato with the works  (Cook It Simply) every day of the week.   Choose your favourite toppings to go with the savoury mince.  I serve it with bowls of tinned corn, warmed kidney beans (from a tin), sliced shallots, shredded pineapple, grated cheese, crumbled bacon, and sour cream.

4.  The Middle Eastern mince (Kalyn’s Kitchen) is so yummy. These are the flavours I grew up with.

5.  This is my Mom’s meatloaf recipe (Betty Crocker) My Mom would serve this with creamy mashed potato and I would drown my mash with the delicious sauce from the meatloaf.  I double the sauce mixture for this very reason.

6.  Hands down the favourite budget mince dish in this house is basic homemade pizza using this pizza dough recipe (
When I am on a travel budget, the toppings I use are bacon, pineapple pieces, red onion, mozzarella cheese, and seasoned beef mince (seasoned with whatever flavours you like: Mexican, garlic salt) crumbled into mini meat balls and baked about 15 minutes in a moderate oven. These ingredients make BBQ meatlovers and Hawaiian pizzas.

7.  I call them Swedish, but these are really just meatballs in sour cream sauce (Allrecipes) My recipe differs slightly in that I just use beef mince and I add garlic salt to taste.  I serve these meatballs over rice.

8.  These are probably the best Italian meatballs (Host the Toast blog) this side of Rome.  I use only beef mince and don’t bother about browning them.  I put them straight in the oven and bake 20 minutes.  Here is the recipe to the accompanying marinara sauce from the same blog.

9.  I want to feel like I am serving up some multicultural options and stir fry mince (Food.ninemsn) is a winner!  I substitute fresh vegetables with frozen and I slice them up a little.

10.  We all like how interactive and yummy rice paper rolls( are.
So that is MY favourite 10.  Of course I also make your basic spag bol and burritos but you don’t need recipes for those.
What is your favourite cheap mince meal?



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