Cheap lunch with free entertainment!

One of my favorite lunch memories in Canberra so far was with my friend Michelle.
She took me for my very first Brodburger experience in Kingston.  Brodburger burgers are popular and their lunch service is crazy busy.   People who know this generally pre-order so their wait for those juicy slow-food (as in NOT fast-food) burgers is minimal.  We did not pre-order because we had an entertainment plan.
After placing our order and being given a rough estimate of when our lunch would be ready (a spot-on estimate as it turned out) Michelle and I popped into Canberra Glassworks next door. They have a wide and varied range of beautiful things to see, be inspired by and to purchase.

Our highlight however was going up to the Hotshop and watching the glass artists at work. We sat ringside and were held in thrall, absolutely mesmerized as the hot glass was teased and manipulated into a thing of beauty. Half the fun was guessing what was being created. Neither of us guessed correctly.

I found watching the process of live glassmaking (or at least watching it) to be quite hypnotic. It was hard to tear ourselves away.
The burgers were everything we had imagined and then some.

I got a Baby Brod with Brie ($8.50)



with a side of these onion rings ($4)



and amazing aioli to dip them in.

At present, Canberra Glassworks have got an exhibition showing : Glint.

Glint is a mix of Glasswork and Print hence the name: Glint!

Each of the 4 featured glasswork artists has collaborated with a print artist and the resulting mixed-medium creations are superb. This exhibit is open till August 4th.  Here are a couple of the pieces we saw and loved.






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