Save $1000 at Disneyland Paris

Save $1000 at Disneyland Paris

It will probably feature in another post at some stage, but I am so excited at the potential saving I just found, I have to share now!

I have been reading online that you can save a significant amount by booking flights, car rentals and accommodation on a company’s site in a different country rather than the local site they might use to get Australian business.  For instance, instead of checking a flight on your own country’s Expedia site, try pricing it from their Japanese site.

We are doing Disney in Europe, and I just read article in The Telegraph UK that claimed you can save a packet by checking holiday specials via the French Disneyland site as opposed to the main one that comes up first in your Google search.
I wanted to see for myself.  I got both sites up and plugged the exact same special passes) for the very same dates into each site.  The savings I made on this dummy run was over $1000.

This was the deal from the main site that came up when I Googled ‘Disneyland Paris’:
Save $1000 at Disneyland Paris


And here is the same deal from the French site:

Save $1000 at Disneyland Paris

From this dummy booking, I made a saving of  717 Euro ($1033 AUD).

*Insert happy dance*


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