Before/ After Photo: Photoshopping an extra person into an image

Photo-shopping an extra person into an image is not ideal (well not for me!) but sometimes it can’t be helped.  I had a family session a while back where one family member was unable to be there on the day.

Here is image 1:

Photoshop before/after


I have transferred smiling heads onto frowning heads and opened closed eyes several time in Photoshop , but I was a little worried that I couldn’t pull off adding a whole person into the image.

And then I had the BRAINWAVE! I could bring along one of the people from the original photo-shoot to be a prop in the exact same location, thus making the image-merge easier.
Image 2:

Photoshop before/after


It is not perfect, but I was not unhappy with the result.

Merged image:

Photoshop before/after

Do you play around with Photoshop?


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