3 Fun Sites to visit before choosing your Airline

   Sites to visit before choosing your Airline


Many of my friends love overseas travel but find flying both stressful and tedious.

Not this girl. The very sight of an airport gets my heart rate going and a plane flying low overhead has me in a flutter of anticipation. I love every part of air travel- from weighing my luggage to sitting in the departure lounge, to the safety demonstrations before takeoff; to the meals, the snacks and the in-flight entertainment.

Below are 3 fun sites I am using to get up to speed for the next flight.

Sites to visit before choosing your Airline

Airline food

1. Airline Food:

I love to know what I am eating on a flight. Before the trip to the US, I was familiar with the Air New Zealand’s menu, had mapped out the movies I would be watching and knew was in the fun pack the then-7 year old would be getting.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time browsing through Airline Meals looking through all the photos and discovering the various types of meals being offered on potential flights.

Sites to visit before choosing your Airline


2. What you are getting for your $$

To see where your potential airline ranks among its peers in a wide range of areas and to read current reviews of airlines, food and airport lounges go to Airline Quality. The fun starts in the bottom 1/3 of the home page.

Sites to visit before choosing your Airline

3. Travelling with kids

I have wonderful memories of the in-flight children’s packs I received in my childhood of frequent international travel. The one that I loved and remember the best was a fold-out world map with a set of re-usable stickers that you had to place in the right country. I can’t remember if it was given to me on a KLM, Lufthansa, or Alitalia flight but it kept me busy for weeks!

Check out what some of the international airlines are cureently doing to keep kids busy here and here.

Check them out or give me YOUR airline recommendation.


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