Playground Review: John Knight Park

John Knight Park is sprawled out alongside Lake Ginninderra In Belconnen.  I have come here frequently with the 4 kids over the years; it is close by and there are a good variety of activities for their wide age range.   Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra

Last Saturday, I knew the place would get busy so the 9 yr old and I came early for our first ever Playground Review! John Knight hosts 3 separate playground areas, one of those being the Flying Fox.  Having these separate play areas is great, as it means there are plenty of play options even when there is a big kid’s party monopolizing one area.

Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


As far as I am concerned,  the park’s best feature is the water, water everywhere.   Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


The water begins up the top of the park with a large pond, then meanders downs through another pond, under a couple of bridges, cascades over some rocks….


Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


…….down a little waterfall and empties into Lake Ginninderra. Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


If I had no kids- I would come and curl up on a bench near the sound of that water with a good book. However, I WAS with a child, so instead I was racing full pelt from one attraction to the next. I have one of those kids that always leaves, knowing half the kids there.  In his eyes, there is only one thing better than an empty playground where there is no waiting for a turn on equipment; a playground full of friends you haven’t met yet.   This first play area has a section that is great for younger children, the standard play fort with slippery dip and climbing area. And next to it is some imaginative equipment that has the kids thinking and having fun at the same time. (Whoops, I forgot to photograph that playground but here is a video of the 9 yr old playing there, while I succumbed to hay fever.  Count my sneezes!)


The taller fort’s biggest feature is the huge slide.  There are several ways to climb up there and a level that is even higher than the slide level.  This part is known as the Snake Park.  You will see why when you go. Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


The 9 yr old stayed on the spinning chair till he was nearly ill and he also kept going back to this modern seesaw which is specially designed not to pinch little fingers.


Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


The flying fox, located between both the playgrounds, is great for first – timers.  It isn’t a high or long ride but still lots of fun.  Yes, I tried it out….

Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


(watch the 9 yr old on the flying fox)


The birdlife in Lake Ginninderra love attention by way of food, and we usually bring a loaf of bread to share amongst them.  Of course this day we forgot and received the cold shoulder treatment.

Playground Review John Knight Park Canberra


John Knight Park– the short of it:


  • Toilets
  • Lots of Benches spread out around the park.
  • Covered Picnic tables and several gas BBQs.


  • The soothing sound of cascading water
  • Fun modern varied playground equipment that spans a wide range of age and ability levels.
  • Lots of space for picnic rugs, kicking the footy around or a game of frisbee.
  • Ducks and pelicans to feed!
  • Rocks to climb and jump on near the water.


  • More BBQ areas would be great. It gets busy over the weekend.
  • No swings
  • The toilet facilities would look a lot less derelict with some vibrant well-thought-out grafitti. We have some fantastic local talent  could make the toilet block a real feature.

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