For the Win- a QL2 dance production

On Saturday the 9 yr old and I went to see For the Win, a QL2 production that showcased beginning young dancers . My extremely talented friend Jamie is one of the three choreographers who took on the the ideas and dance suggestions from the 47 dancers (aged 8-18) and created fantastic dances.

I was blown away by the calibre of the performances of the young dancers from For the Win. To have a group of that wide age range interacting together could have been a drawback, not to mention the fact that they have only known each other 6 weeks and most were unfamiliar with performing on stage.

But what I saw on Saturday was cohesion, energy, synergy, synchronicity; a story clearly told. The dancers went seamlessly from being a single unit of pulsing movement to breaking off and each doing their own dance all at the same time, saturating the stage with motion. Our eyes were darting from one child to the next trying to take it all in.

Each dance was so different and alive, the music vibrant and varied. The 9 yr old and I were able to grasp the message or meaning behind each dance. Some were funny, a couple of instances I had tears in my eyes.

My favourite part of this show was that the kids were obviously having so much fun and had a real sense of ownership of the production.
I will definitely keep a lookout for the next QL2 production.


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