Europe Trip: Day 1 


 After our 3:30 am start, I could scarcely believe we were actually boarding Cathay Pacific flight only 10 minutes later that the scheduled departure time.  No tornadoes stealing away 3 previous days of our itinerary this time…. yet.

While we stood in the boarding queue, some of the kids tried out the massage chair:

As you would already be aware, being on planes is something I highly anticipate. I love plane food and eat everything on my tray-even the bits I am not usually allowed to.
The plane was a little smaller than I though it would be, but we had lots of leg room and marvelous entertainment.

I opted for the chicken and mushroom congee for breakfast as I haven’t ever had congee before. It was milder than I had imagined, but my imagination is pretty vivid and I still liked it.

Lunch was one of three choices and I picked the chicken stirfry. Yummitty yum! 

Hong Kong was beautiful to see as we landed. We all craned our necks to look out of Kara’s window.
In the patches of the airport where the air conditioning is not great, it is obvious how humid it would be outside.

We have had several hours to rest up and explore the Hong Kong airport.

We wished there were free showers here, but have felt refreshed by seeing all the different foods and sights within the airport that this vibrant cultural city is proud to showcase. 

The 10 yr old found these photo opportunities:

Dinner was McDonald’s HongKong style for the big boys.  The Black Burger had mashed potato inside it.

I enjoyed my Taro Pearl.  Divine!

We popped in to the Disney shop

and scared ourselves by setting off the dancing, voice-activated Mickey Mouse and Minnie. Unfortunately Mickey was too close to Minnie and every time he danced he would push poor Minnie’s skirt up in a most un-Disney-like fashion!

Over and out for now- here’s hoping we get some sleep on the next, 12 hour leg


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  1. Dana Handy
    June 1, 2015 at 9:39 pm (4 years ago)

    I just love it that you are blogging your trip. I can live vicariously through you!!! Safe travels my favorite family!!! 🙂 Love you guys.


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