Travel Tip #1- don’t travel with me!

We got our tiny apartment ready for inspection this morning so we could get our deposit back. We really make ourselves at home in each location, that’s for sure.  It took a while.
.The landlord sent someone else to inspect the house who had even less English than he did, so we didn’t even bother to ask him what ‘rustling’ means from the house rules which are framed and having on the wall.

We were just being handed back our €100 deposit when I remembered we had broken a glass. I took the man into the kitchen and mimed the breakage, whereupon, he pocketed the money and informed me via sign language that the cup would cost, oh about exactly €100!

I gave a tiny giggle hoping he was joking and with a sly grin, he handed the money over. Haha, das goot and all that!

We took our time traveling to the airport to get our hire car.  For one thing, I parted with nearly €40 on a ‘reverse charge call’ to my bank to try to sort out my money issue. I was pretty frustrated because I tried my very hardest to make the whole trip cheap and stress-free and this glitch certainly added stress.

Oh, but wait!  The best part of the day was yet to come, dear reader…

Imagine my horror at the Avis counter when the man said- ‘You were supposed to pick up your car yesterday. They only wait for the client one hour and then it’s gone.’


My eyes followed his hand pointing at my iPhone voucher and yes, we should have got the car yesterday.

I have been relaxing off-itinerary the last couple days, getting cocky about my memory,and hence did not read the reminder to get the car and park it outside our accommodation the night before!

The man at the counter slowly filed through client envelopes, making snide German asides to his colleague the entire time.  She giggled away, as I held my breath prayed.  And then- miracle of miracles- he pulled out an envelope with our name on it holding a key.  Our car was still there!

Oh, thank you Jesus!!!!

Seriously- TRAVEL TIP: do NOT travel with me!!!

The vehicle was large, very roomy and comfortable for traveling in. We took the highway as opposed to the scenic route towards Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Lush fields of green and plump trees shared the vista with stylish wind farms. The occasional Bavarian village peeped through the forests, none close enough to photograph.
Our ‘quick’ stop at Maccas for dinner took a very long time with queues and language barrier cobbling our speed.

We finally drove through the walls of Rothenburg with 5 minutes to spare before closing time at our check in location.

My delight at finding that our quaint rooms rooms had wifi crashed and and burned quickly when we could not get the wifi name to even appear, let alone put the password in.

I keep getting told that European wifi is fast and cheap. So far, this has not been the case for us.

Thankfully, Rothenburg enchants and beguiles more than enough to make up for the poor wifi.  It is the prettiest village I have seen ( and I have been to the Cotswalds). It is very touristy in the day ( I am told) but we missed the busy time and our late evening walk through it cobbled lanes was magical.


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