Nom-noms in Munich

Finally poor weather struck our holiday. I gazed out the window at the drizzle and knew that no one would be keen to brave a free walking tour in the cold wind and rain.
We lazed about for ages before walking directly across the road to a beer hall that the locals love.

We could hear that not only locals were enjoying the beer and atmosphere. The noise pollution effort from the table of Englishmen was solid.

 We were immediately joined at our long table by a retired American university professor who was helpful in regards to the menu choices.

Pork knuckle!

The pork knuckles were massive with such impressive crackling. They came swimming in gravy and what I thought was a potato was a tender, gravy -absorbing potato dumpling that blew my mind.

Little plates with salad, sauerkraut and a sweeter red version of sauerkraut came out also.

We waddled home to do more resting after all that eating.

Late afternoon, we caught a train in to the city to Marienplatz. In this part of Munich, cars are not allowed so people walk freely. Everyone had the same idea and the place was thronging.

   I didn’t realize that people love coming to Munich for hen’s and bachelor parties. We saw so many groups wandering around in costume, uniforms or having to do tasks that involved needing to get people around them to pitch in.

I can’t say I was enjoying Munich much so far because of the hordes of other tourists. If the weather had been better, I would totally have gone in early as per usual and taken in the city in its serenity.

After leaving Marienplatz the crowds eased and we relaxed into enjoying the city.

The large and most famous beer hall Hofbräuhaus, is a work of art inside.

My favorite place was Viktualienmarkt.  Surprise surprise: a food market!

   Cafes sprawled out onto walkways and vendors sold food; all types of amazing food, I was salivating over the marinated eggplant at the deli and bought some for dinner.

Though the youngest 3 and I are all a bit cold-and-flu-y, I am glad we went and saw some of Munich’s beauty.

I highly recommend the Meininger hotel chain.  I booked it thinking it was a hostel and it is, but in some ways it is more like a budget hotel.

They have 24 hour reception service.  Phone calls home are super cheap (5 cents a minute for me).   There is an optional all you can eat cold breakfast and coffee can be bought at any time.  The staff are extremely helpful.

2 warnings before you come to Meininger tho: The kitchens are quite small for how big the place is , not many cooking tools or cutlery, plates etc, but here are lots of tables and seating out in the rooftop terrace.

There is a laundry section, sometimes in the kitchen- so always in demand and always a queue!

PS: A lot of the young tourists were drunk really early in the day in Munich; some were entirely wasted by 4 pm.  It made me sad.


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