In Which We Discover that Bear Grylls Inhabit Our GPS

This morning we climbed the 1 mile ascent from Schangau to Neuschwanstein Castle.   

The sickest little member of the family (Kara) found it tough going and wished we had bussed or horse-carted up. Unfortunately neither option were very regular and we were working to our tightest schedule to date today. It was a simple tour but so worthwhile. Ludwig sure liked his operas! What grand ideas he had and the finished rooms in his castle are breathtaking. He died before he even got to see a performance in his music hall.

No photography allowed unfortunately…

We pretty much ran down the hill and got going to try to reach our next appointment on time: Hallein Salt Mines.

Unfortunately our GPS has made it her mission to take us on the most roundabout route everywhere we go- not just the scenic route, but the I-think-I’m-Bear-Grylls route.

We were already time poor and we were going on streets that were playing twister with each other. It was crazy!

I kept looking out for the border to take a photo of the Welcome to Austria sign and I had plugged the GPS to take us along the toll route. We thought we were still IN Germany till we got pulled over by uniformed men ( police or traffic) and fined €130 for evading the toll. !!!!! We never even saw the toll!!! Or the border!!

Very annoying and a letter will be written, mark my words!

GPS- Bear took us down a double lane that became a single lane that became a skinny dirt path you could only walk single file on. I was sure we’re were lost as Hallein is a tourist spot. 

Then we suddenly tumbled into the right place and saw the big shiny highway that everyone else had come from! Oh my word- that stupid GPS!!!

What would a trip be without the adventures though? The things that rile at the time but that you laugh at long after.

When we got to the mine, the guide was waiting on us. We were still 10 minutes early but getting changed into the overalls for entering the mine takes time. 

It was a really fun experience that I recommend for the young at heart. There are long slides deep into the mine and there is a cheesy, yet really fun boat ride across an underground lake with music playing as you cross. We enjoyed it and the youngest was super happy we had done his choice of activity. Rick Stevens actually recommends a salt mine tour in his videos. This particular mine, Hallein, is no longer in operation, but I believe one of the three salt mines in the area is a working mine.

We checked into our second Meininger. This one was even nicer than the one in Munich. More a hotel style than youth hostel. The wifi was great.

The downsides were that not only is the kitchen cramped and understocked with cooking utensils, but the washing machine and dryer ( the latter didn’t seem to be working) are right in the cooking part of the kitchen. Just bedlam!
I cooked dinner in the kitchen and only beat the rush. The dining facilities are nice so we sat down there and munched on marinated steaks and fried rice.


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