Cannaregio,Venice- like a tall glass of ice water on a hot day.

Morning broke over a glum little band of sleep-deprived travelers. I peeked out the window  and looked at the world whizzing by. Instantly you could tell we were in Italy- it looked warmer and there were vineyards everywhere.

Once the train trundled into Santa Lucia station, we had a few hiccups interpreting our host’s written directions, partially because, even in English, they were hard to decipher. Also, as we found out a little later, she wrote her walking directions assuming  we were coming from a different station.  

We walked probably an extra kilometer with all our luggage because of this. But once we were back on track, it was simple. And even though this part was a little stressful, my main thought as we walked along in the Venitian sun, was *this is so beautiful. We are going to love it here*

We dropped in our luggage to our lovely host and then went exploring until our official check in time.  

All of us fell in love with the Venetian masks which are everywhere and range from cheap rip-offs to hand-crafted prices of art.

At 12:30, we checked in to our home in Venice. We had promised ourselves that after our horror sleep, we could rest as long as we wanted. After the heat of today was over; mind you- it was much milder than I was expecting.

I went out for a wander and to fetch some gelato.  

As usual- I found that I prefer avoiding the tourist hot spots and just wandering over bridges and down alley ways. There is something magical about the pace of life here, away from the main centre’s bedlam. I walked till my feet were worn out and went home reluctantly. 

I had seen an article on cheap pizza in Venice and the top place mentioned was a one minute walk away from our lodgings. I walked past it the first try, then went home looked at the map and had another attempt that was successful this time.

It is a humble hole in the wall, but hot-diggitty!  I walked out with the largest and most delicious pizza I have had. It had been made before my eyes. 


After the pizza and gelato, we played a few games of the poker that the host had left in the cupboard.

I finished an awesome day with an evening stroll.


We have a few restaurants around and the locals sit out on the pavement next to the canals and at one place, they have a large boat that is shaped like a boat but it is flat like a raft and people are all just sitting there with their drinks and their little plates of appetizers.

The seafood pasta and seafood platters have been making my mouth water.

Travel tip: if you can, definitely worthwhile to stay within Venice itself so you can really see it. Our area was very close to the train station and about a half hour walk to St Mark’s Basilica ( this was at a very slow walk because the alley ways as you get closer are congested with fellow tourists)

It is a storybook location.


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