Deeper into Tuscany

 I woke early and reluctantly; then I remembered where I was and leapt out of bed, reaching for my camera and iPhone.  

Hardly a soul was out and I walked down the silent main street out to the beach.

When I got home, I woke the youngest to have him climb in the rocks as the day before the nearly nude sunbathers had been there. 

He just loved being my guide, showing me a safe course to jump along the rocks. 

  Lovely memories. We took our time walking back, stopping to play a round of Foosball.

After packing up for the day our morning consisted of browsing for souvenirs, eating gelato and having ‘one last climb in the rocks’. 

 Doriano came to check us out and was a bit sheepish, I think. I would recommend his place to anyone now you know the trick with his dumb key. That being said, I got his apartment for a steal. He told me right when we met him that I had booked the place his first week of being with Airbnb and he had been tentative with his pricing. He charges a lot more now and can afford to do it as everyone wants to stay within the Cinque Terre.  

I whispered an inner thanks to the Lord that we had managed to find affordable accommodation there at all!

After a final backward glance at Vernazza we boarded the train back to La Spezia and the car. The train trip is not a great way to see Cinque Terre, let me just clarify that. You are mainly whizzing through tunnels.

Once at La Spezia, I went with no little trepidation to pay for the overnight parking. This was because of the possible extra charge I could have received for pulling the emergency cord. But- nothing! Yay. Finally catching a break!

We trundled off along the highway bound for Pisa and then our Tuscan farmstay.

The toll charge to Pisa was much less. It feels ridiculous saying it was ONLY €8 but compared to the one we were stung with the day before, I was relieved and grateful.

It was a short drive to Pisa. I found Pisa, the part I saw, to be quite run down and neglected. This is not a criticism. It just helps to know how to set your expectations.  I was glad I had changed my hostel accommodation in Pisa to a farmstay a half hour away.

Parking near the Leaning Tower of Pisa was cheap which was a blessing as to use of the toilets was not! Grrr.

We tried and failed to do the tourist poses with Pisa. The fact that we were hot and tired did not help.           


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