In which I am bewitched by a bridge

We woke to a dog scratching on our door and lay listening to the morning activity of a Tuscan country home.      Packing up took no time at all and after one last game of Foosball we were hitting the road towards Florence. 

As we came through the ‘burbs’, we stopped at a shopping mall.  Although the shops were all close together, they were not enclosed in a Mall like we would have in Australia where all the building are under one big roof. 

The supermarket was very fancy, like a massive deli. We wiled away some decent time in the cafe section with pizza slices and great coffee after doing a grocery shop. 

Driving in to Florence was tricky especially when our street had two number 9s .  Of course, Bear Grylls chose the wrong one to take us to.  

Our fantastic host appeared like a mirage in the desert and rescued us. What a godsend!  He welcomed us into our new home for our time here.  Our beautiful apartment was 15 steps from the Duomo.    

 The air was very warm and I knew that if we ventured out into the fray at that time of day, no one would enjoy it.

We pottered and played cards and watched a bit of TV. Florence wasn’t hot as such, but its humidity drained our energy.

After cooking some spag bol and eating big, we played Mafia until 20 minutes before sunset. Then I left the others to go and find THE BRIDGE.

Ponte Vecchio!

Locals helped me find my way there.  Past some other main sites:

          It would be a 10 minute walk max to the bridges from our apartment.  Bliss!

I stood amidst the crowds all wanting the shot and breathed in the beauty of the sun setting over the bridges. 

  ( and then I elbowed my way in to get some photos too!) 

   Then home to bed!


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