In which I say ‘Google’ too much and take hardly any photos

I could tell it was hot just from looking out the window this morning. We planned to try to avoid the heat. We are not the kind of tourists that are going to pound the pavement for hours and go to 5 museums a day.Our plan was to walk to Trastevere,where our host advised us to look around, in the morning and beat the midday heat and then see the Colosseum in the evening.

Well, it was already sweltering by the time we got to the first set of ruins. We would pause in the shade and take photos, then find a zebra crossing to risk our lives walking across. Cars will not actually stop at a zebra crossing unless the pedestrian is stepping fully out and committing.

can you see the 10 yr old?   
   In the heat and everyone’s tiredness I looked at Google Maps wrong and thought we had already reached Trastevere, forgetting we actually needed to cross a bridge over the Tiber before we were actually there.  So we gave ourselves a mental pat on the back and trudged to our local gelateria for a couple scoops each to take home and recover with. Coconut is my new favorite flavor, thankfully recommended by the sweet girl child.

I keep wondering if we are wimps as far as not wanting to walk around in the middle of the day but remember, it is a heat wave going on in parts of Europe at the moment. I think we must be feeling the flow-on effect from that since we hit Italy.

We had a long siesta, before thinking about dinner.

We are on a tight budget food wise at present, so much cheaper to take pizza home than sit in a place that charges you to sit. I know a lot of places are cheaper here is you stand and eat, but as soon as you sit, the price goes up. I haven’t worked out which places do or don’t do that or how you can tell, so takeaway was easier.

(Usually I would be Googling all this but I think I was a little worn out.)

When Googling restaurants in our area, one name kept popping up with good reviews; several heralding it as the best pizza takeaway in Rome.

It is just across the road but of course I only discovered that after wrongly using Google maps and doing a full block and a half circuit to get to it.

The pizzas are all out on display and they looked fantastic. The sausage one was especially recommended by online reviewers. I bought some, plus large slices of 4 cheese, Margherita, and ham and cheese.

You pay for pizza by weight here in a lot of places.  

We demolished the pizza and it was amazing.

After dinner we trekked 10 minutes to the Colosseum in the cooler part of the evening.  

 Walking around it, seeing its size and peeking into the interior where crowds used to roar in anticipation and where gladiators, wild animals and prisoners met their end was like hearing echoes of the past.


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