Enjoying Athens Taylor-style

That was about the best sleep I ever had. 10 hours!  The room looked a little friendlier in the morning sun. Dirtier but more friendly.

Breakfast was leftover chips and caramel popcorn from Rome and then we headed out by 10:30 towards Plaka. 

  We climbed up to the Areopagus first and the view over beautiful Athens was priceless. The rocks were incredibly slippery and the wind blew like a fiend. 


As the Acropolis was half shrouded in scaffolding and it cost €12 each to view it up close, we decided to give it a miss. We saw lots of tourists with icy drinks near the Acropilis. €4.50!!!

We headed back down to Plaka and got our slushies and cappuccino freddos for less than €2 each.

I do believe that that my freddo is the taste sensation highlight of the trip so far. The man at Coffee Island ( big shout out to them!) ran through a bewildering list of freddo options, then saw my face and said ‘too much?’

I said ‘I just want what I see everyone else walking around with. They have to white top.’

‘Ahh you want the cream on top?’

‘Yes please!’

A freddo is basically a double shot over a generous amount of ice with a huge dollop of thick whipped cream. (actually the lady sitting next to me on the plane – I am writing this enroute to Barcelona- thinks that they make the milk creamy using ice). I tried drinking it without mixing it and it was good, but when I stirred it all up it was just amazing.  


The freddos are the  ones that are dark at the bottom.

Refreshing, sweet, not too creamy. I could have gone back for seconds immediately.

We had decided to try a trip on The Happy Train. It is a little motorized non-track train that can go through the narrow streets of Plaka, but that does an entire touristy circuit of Athens in one hour.

Not traipsing all across the city on foot was sounding pretty good. Quite a few Happy Trains went past without stopping. Then one came by and stopped. We were first in line and had been for a while, but the large group behind us had booked it all out.  *sigh*

About 15 minutes later, another Happy Train came by and picked us up. While the ‘commentary’ was in fact just a cursory pointing at the occasional sight and quite hard to hear, the trip was picturesque and we could not have covered that amount of ground in our very short stay here. 

We did a full circuit then hopped off to go to get lunch. I had seen a couple reviews of Bairaktira that serves up succulent €1.80 gyros.  

We went there and were magnanimously welcomed by the owner who swept us in yo the interior which was air conditioned. A quick glance at the menu and I couldn’t see a thing under €8!

I went to the front outside where they were making and selling gyros for passers-by. These were €2, but sitting in would cost more, the lady said.  

I went back and gathered us up to go stand in line for a takeaway gyro instead to eat somewhere in the shade.

From nowhere, the owner was back insisting we sit down. I motioned to the gyro stand and said we needed to go there. He looked very stressed actually and nearly forcibly sat us back down, muttering under his breath and gesturing at our table to a waiter. The wrapped bread that had been placed there was taken away. Our gyro order was taken and we sort of held our breath waiting for the bill.

‘What will happen if it is the menu prices, Mum?’

‘I will make a complaint’, said I far more bravely than I felt. 

6 delicious gyros, glasses and cold water all soon arrived. Delicious, delicious, delicious,   

My only gripe was that in his stress, the man didn’t ask how we wanted them so the 10 year old’s was covered in tzatsiki so he ate very little of it.

Our bill was perfect!

The food was so good that as we left, everyone but myself and the 10 year old got second helpings.  

We wandered through Plaka’s flea market looking for souvenirs before heading back for a well-earned siesta as we had been out for about 5 hours now. 

At 6 after stopping to get me some roasted maize, we went back to the same fantastic cold drink stand and the same gyro place to get takeaway dinner. 

We loved our very brief time in beautiful Athens. I am taking away some brilliant memories 

It was a night of packing up and admin, for instance-finally getting my email to work after hotmail thought I was doing something suspicious and closed me down. It has been hard to fix as the wifi was woeful.


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