Market nibbling, a bit of discord and the mystery of the noisy spews

I woke rearing to shop for groceries. The walk along La Rambla to Carrefour via the ancient La Boqueria market was cool and pleasant so early in the morning. Only the vendors out, setting up their kiosks. Though it was only just opening and many stalls still were getting organized, I could tell I was going to need to come back and get some delicious local food. First though to the supermarket. It is what you have to do, when the budget is tight.Carrefour was closed. *sight*

Back I turned towards La Boqueria where I bought crusty bread, pastries, strawberries and coconut pieces.

It was a tasty start to the day. We were all up and out the door by mid morning to go look at Gaudi’s imaginative architectural genius. 

We caught a train to the Apple of Discord, where 3 style of modern architecture are on display. I love Gaudi’s colorful and ornate designs. 


I had planned that we walk for about a half hour following ‘ Gaudi’s footprints’ till we came to his gothic grand finale ‘La Sagrada Familia’.

I asked a lady if we were headed in the right direction and she said it was way too far away to walk. We would have to catch a train.

This threw me, financially as well as mentally. I was pretty sure we could walk it quite easily. But I had no internet and we just went back and caught another train to be on the safe side.  

  Seriously, the length of the walk to the platform to get to Sagrada was about a kilometer in itself!!!

Sagrada is under construction and had some scaffolding. My photos made it look more ‘gaudy’ than Gaudi.

 It was an awesome sight rearing up before us with it surreal design like something out of a fairytale.
After some oohing and ahhing and lots of photographing, we caught the train home.  

I popped back to the now open Carrefour. It is massive. The only annoying thing was that I couldn’t find where to weigh and tag my fruit, so I couldn’t get any.

We had Spanish tortillas for lunch. So delicious and so very cheap. 

Off and on all afternoon, we could hear the most appalling retching, gagging and vomiting from outside our open toilet window. It sounded like the person was dying or coughing up something from deep in their gut. It would go for minutes at a time and then nothing for a couple of louts. I assumed it was a very drunk person.

Bodie and I were actually quite concerned and went looking from our balcony to see if the person needed help.  We managed to see the person in a unit a couple levels below us in the neighboring apartment.  It was actually a newly pregnant, sick or bulimic woman.  

That mystery solved, we settled down for a long siesta. We are quite weary I think, so I feel like we didn’t give Barcelona our all. I wish I had booked a drive-around tour of the city at the very least.

After home cooked dinner we popped back to the market in the ‘cool’ of the early evening. The cheap fresh fruit drinks and little luxurious squares of baklava were irresistible. 

One last walk around the the boardwalk and into the shopping mall itself and the sunset on our Barcelona experience.

Is this really a seagull?  It’s huge! 



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