Bienvenue a’ Paris!!!

We woke in our still warm room early and a little excited. Time to drive to Paris! The weather report said it was going to be a lovely mild week. Woohoo!
We broke up the 6 hour drive by doing our new family activity: pulling in at expensive food-stops , spreading out in small groups and hunting out €1 baguettes to tear ravenously into. 

 At our main lunch stop I was excited about lashing out and buying a cappuccino. But somehow whilst watching the 10 yr old’s antics on the jumping castle outside, I got too involved, threw the cup in the air and its entire contents rained down on my lap, mostly in my crotch, of course. I had only had 1 sip too. I was grateful that at least no-one else around made a big deal of it.

We were nearing the little airport in Paris where we would be dropping off the hire car. 

 It took us a while to navigate exactly where Hertz is at Orly Airport.

Returning the car was a simple procedure. The one downside of the process was the hidden costs in the car hire. For the overnight hire, Expedia had quoted me one price and I had budgeted for that and some extra. Unfortunately the extra came out to be $590 more than the original quote. Just disgusting! 

Anyhow, at this stage I did not know that. We happily got a taxi ( again, cheaper than train tickets!) with a very sweet taxi driver (who kept pointing out sights) to our unit.   

Our unit was a fantastic space, in a safe part of The 7th arrondissement, a 2 minute walk from the Rue Cler market street and a 5 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. The wifi was fantastic.

I found a very pricey supermarket which was a little disheartening, having by this time become aware of the car hire debacle.

Being that we were in Paris, I brought home crepes and the fixings for chicken crepes and lemon sugar crepes. Bought crepes are not at all exciting, but we coped, knowing we would be eating the real thing soon from a street vendor.

Later, Kara and I popped out to see the Eiffel Tower. Hardly a soul was around and it was quite magical seeing it in real life for the first time.  

 On our way home we stumbled upon a much closer and cheaper supermarket. Woohoo!


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