The accidental dunce hat incident and a walk down Champs Élysées

It was a very relaxed early morning of wandering through Rue Cler, the market street. Endowed with armfuls of croissant and baguette, I returned home for breakfast.  It was a perfect start to our Parisienne morning,  eating flaky, buttery croissants with butter and jam.  

While everyone else chilled and snoozed, My coffee thirst overwhelmed me and I walked to a nearby cafe for a cappuccino. Apparently milky coffee is a shameful thing in Paris and after 10am, it should only be ordered from the privacy of your hotel! I asked for a cafe creme and it was quite delicious, though not creamy. I was feeling particularly confident in a slightly extended French farewell ( thank you Google translate), so as I got up to leave, I had my ‘Le café était fantastique. Merci et au revoir’.

 Unfortunately I stood up under a low hanging lamp so as I was saying my goodbyes, I was wearing a giant dunce cap of a lamp on my head. Don’t think they will forget me too soon. 

In the late afternoon, after a drawn- out iPad game of Monopoly, we walked down Champs Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe.  





  We must have walked past one of the big macaron king’s stores as people were lined up for ages. There was a lot to see. What a beautiful city. 

 On the way home, a crepe stand was in our path. Hurrah! We had been looking out for them!

The young cook was pretty apathetic about his job. Pretty bored by it all. His crepes however, were delicious.   

 It was quite a walk and the 10 yr old had a migraine hit just near the end. While he lay in darkness, I quickly cooked a late dinner of chicken and bacon in garlic, cream and white wine sauce over pasta.   


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