Boat down the Seine

Our last few days were a little boring really. Quite formulaic.  
I did go for a walk to the metro to ask about tickets to and from Disney the following day. I had a few questions, and typed them out on the google translate app and then took a photograph of them.

When I got to the metro and found information, a lady behind me seemed to only have a simple issue so I waved her past. The information lady was having none of it. She insisted it was my turn. Then she carefully read the questions, answered them by showing me how I could save €16. And she topped it off by coming out to walk me through how to use the ticket machine. Now that is service!

A planned walk along the scenic left bank today needed to be replaced with a boat tour when it became obvious that the 10 yr old was still recovering from his migraine.

Our plan was to go late evening but to avoid the actual night tour as we hadn’t seen everything in the daylight yet.

We walked down past hordes of tourists as usual and past no small number of picnicking Parisiennes. It really struck me how much the people of Paris love and use their river.

The glare of the summer evening was intense. The sun was hot and bright even though it was a mild day.

We had tickets that we could use at any time so we strolled for 10 minutes along left bank to skip the first boat and then boarded the next.

We avoided seats on the deck as they bore the full glare of the evening summer sun. Our seats were next to a verandah and had access to the audio.

The audio started off so well. Every language imaginable and the speaker’s voice was full of passion, his dialogue rich and dramatic. But he kept cutting out altogether and our little phones were tethered to the back of our seats so it was hard to keep a hold. We gave up and our lovely skipper would all out interesting facts. 

     It was a really good your as far as seeing a lot of beautiful ancient Paris. Also the fact that this is the your that left from the Eiffel swayed us. Such a convenient location us to get to from our apartment 


An early-ish night as we were heading in to Disney Village ( the free part of Disney) the next morning.


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