Budget stress and macarons

Pretty similar start to the previous day. Looking for croissants to compliment our cereal.  Everyone is pretty much sleeping in and happy not to see too much. I wandered the streets a bit, loving seeing Paris waking up and starting its day.

To be honest, the extra money for the hire car had thrown me. Losing that amount of money towards the end of a tightly budgeted trip is a big deal. I knew I couldn’t relax till I had done my sums. Disney and a couple meals there was looming. Something the kids had long been anticipating. Was it all about to go pear-shaped.

I added up what I had left, held it against the amount needed for what was still to come on the itinerary. I added in transport to Disney, from Disney to airport. Only just snuck in! Sweet relief!

That done, I could relax and breathe and enjoy.

This day was basically a bit more exploring of our arrondissement and me going into every single souvenir shop to see if they had the very specific souvenir that the two youngest boys had bought a couple days earlier and that I had mistakenly thrown out in the car hire clean.  No-one, not a vendor, not a shop owner had anything like it! 


We played a game on the iPad of Tocket to Ride. 

 Then Kara and I went in a secret mission. Initially we went looking for a cup of chocolate chaud ( hot chocolate) . Several places do it well around here, but I had my hear set on a particular one I had seen online that I knew was on Rue Cler. By the time we got there, however, we felt too hot for hot chocolate. We walked into the store, walked straight back out and up to the place with the macarons. They were pretty good. A couple of the shells were a bit crispy than what I like, but the flavors were good.

We took them back and shared them with a tribe and Kara munched on this massive one to get her home. 



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