Early morning, we rose excitedly and journeyed in to our accommodation at Explorer Hotel. Thankfully we could leave our luggage in store are for the longest day we have ever put into Disney.
The rides don’t start till 10 here. We arrived at 9:30 am, left at about 9:15 in the evening to get check in-give the 10 yr old a half hour swim in the fun hotel swiming pool. In the way home, the bus overheated and stopped 3 times in the side of the road. Each time it restarted. Then as we were crossing the biggest intersection on the Main Street it overheated and stopped mid-road, mid-traffic. The other drivers were absolutely horrendous, honking and verbal abuse. Thankfully after 5 minutes the poor driver got the bus started. He limped it back to Disney where we caught a new bus back.

After checking in and getting our beds organized we bussed back into Disney just after 10 to get a spot to watch the 11 pm Dreams show closing.

In between those hours was just fun fun fun. We didn’t have many long lines and we got to do loads of rides.

Disneyland Paris is just exquisite.  And so familiar!  The staff have got the Disney touch and are sweet and helpful.

Our Sunday brunch at Inventions deserves a blog post all its own.


The ride,  Madhatters Teacups was the surprising standout.
Disney Dreams, the night time light and fireworks show was inspired. We were spellbound!

We went home and crashed. Unfortunately our toilet was broken…


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