It all comes to an end

What I was too tired to mention last night was the big flaw in my transport plan of getting us from Disney to Orly Airport. I had thought with the train it would cost about €50 for all of us and I was happy with that.

But I thought I would pop in to the train station and check. The rather curt train information man told me that I wouldn’t get back much change from €130.

The shock must have been evident on my face but the information man had already moved on to the next customer.

I didn’t have much more than that left!

It was a stressful sleep, believe you me as worrying is one of my talents.

We woke to our final day at Disney and our final day of the big Europe Adventure. We enjoyed another big free breakfast in the hotel restaurant with hordes of Brits (did I mention that complimentary breakfast was included? Not hot breakfast items, but loads of choice with coffee machines and fruit juices also).

The 10 year old had managed to have 3 swims at the pool and make some new friends so he was a happy camper. French law mandates no surf shorts in the resort pool. We knew this ahead of time but I had forgotten to bring the 10 yr old’s Speedos. I was pretty cranky about having to fork out € at the Speedo vending machine. No joke, they have one with about 40 different sizes! The enjoyment he had was worth every penny.
After packing up and checking out of the hotel, we stored our luggage and caught the shuttle in to Disney.

I had decided resolutely that there must be a far cheaper way to get to Orly, we just needed to find it.

We still had 45 minutes before the rope drop at the rides so the others went to line up and I popped past the train station next door.

Again, the same price! Then I noticed that I was talking to the guys at the fast train! The train that makes the 1.5 hour trip a 10 minute breeze. Not the metro information guys! Aha!!!! Now I understood.

I walked around the corner and there were MY PEOPLE!!! The slow travel cheap option!

Two lovely information guys sorted out the route for me, took me too the machine and pressed all the buttons to make the magic happen. €52! Yay!

We were relieved, I was RELIEVED!!!

This meant we could have a final snack at Disney and still get some lunch at the airport.

After rope drop we hurried to get in line for the Thunder Mountain we hadn’t managed to go on that first day.

Then we split up to cover our own interests for a couple of hours.

The two youngest and I did Dumbo which was sweet.

We didn’t do as much as I thought we would. But we were satisfied with our last few hours at Disney.

The commute in to Orly which involved 2 trains, a tram and a shuttle was a bit of a drag, but everyone is so much better at coping with that this end of the trip.

Check in with the amazing British Airways crew was a breeze.

Someone had left a suitcase in the men’s toilet, so armed soldiers showed up and it was a big deal while they sorted it out.

Going through security, the two eldest and I got detained for security screens showing stuff in our carry-on. Somehow the 10 yr old’s letter opener from Rothenburg and shaped like a miniature sword made its way into my bag. I had to quickly check it into undercarriage!

Kara got frisked because the screen beeped loudly as she went through!

Everyone surprised themselves at how much sleep we got on the first flight. We got so much food too- good food. There was an initial snack that made me think we weren’t getting dinner. Then dinner showed up too!  The 10 yr old’s dinner was fancy chicken nuggets and awesome mash potato ( he didn’t like it and so I ate it)

The chicken curry was delicious.  

I was especially pleased that Kara, who was suffering a sore neck, got a 7 hour sleep.

A basic airline English breakfast swimming in baked beans, which is great if you like baked beans.  Guess who doesn’t?  My breakfast highlight was eating everyone else’s mushrooms.

After a brief stop in Singapore, we boarded the same plane. The 10 yr old’s child meal was again marvelous: a chicken burger and fries, bun with butter, yogurt, fruit juice, fruit salad, a teddy shaped brownie with marshmallows.

Our dinner was so good too. I had the seafood curry. The sauce was fragrant, maybe a green curry type. The fish was just cooked and so tender, the prawns succulent. The best plane meal I have ever had and one of the best meals this trip.

 The final few hours were sleep and entertainment, a couple of noisy passengers.

We woke to drinks and muffins.

We are an hour out of Sydney as I write this.

It has been a whirlwind and we stayed nowhere long. But we saw as much as the budget would allow. In 6 weeks we have done:

2 long haul flights of 22 + hours each

4 short international flights

2 international train journeys

4 hire car trips

Countless metro trips

Way too many steps up to various accommodations to even try to count

2 massive planning errors and several smaller ones:

We went to:

Hong Kong ( counting it!)










Singapore (counting it!)

I was writing our experiences on the fly, so this was never going to be a literary masterpiece. I hope those who followed along enjoyed all the adventures and especially the misadventures.
We are now looking forward to hugs with family, catch ups with our friends, cuddles with pets and (much) cooler weather. And especially a warm bath and comfy bed.

So it’s au revoir from moi!  xx


2 Comments on It all comes to an end

  1. Jess64
    July 18, 2015 at 5:00 am (5 years ago)

    I have enjoyed following your journey. I hope you have time sometime soon to do an overview of what worked well, what you would suggest for someone else on a budget journey.

    • admin
      July 21, 2015 at 9:11 pm (5 years ago)

      Yes, I am finishing off a wedding photo edit and then I plan to do some reflective posts. 🙂


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