Before and After Photoshop edit of a Portrait



Here is another before/ after editing post.  I love seeing posts like these myself and have gleaned a lot from them.

In the ‘before’ image, I knew I loved the backlight, I could see the child’s skin tones were going to be good, but the image is quite flat.


After fixing white balance and tones, I brightened, then added vibrance, saturation and clarity.  Other elements of Photoshop  I played with here were Gaussian blur and some dodge and burn.  I finished by running a couple of my regular actions over it and then sat back for another look.


Nup- better but not entirely happy. The blown out skyline above the trees was quite distracting for me.  It needed fixing.


I used the clone tools and layers of the same image to do this.  Not the best cloning job ever, but I like how now it looks more like a dense forest.


And there you have it!


Maybe not everyone’s style of editing, but it is what suits me.


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