Breakfast at Trevs

I woke up early for breakfast at  Trevs at Dickson with some friends this morning.

This is what I ate:

Yup, that my friends, is the new item on Trev’s breakfast menu. Trev’s Taste Collective. It is a fantastic idea, which I haven’t seen before and now I am wondering why everywhere isn’t doing it.

You know how when you are eating out for breakfast and can’t decide whether to have sweet or savory? This dish sorts the dilemma out for you by giving you some of both!

At $18.50 you get:

a corn fritter with avocado and tomato salsa;  The corn fritter was well seasoned, plump without being  stodgy and chock-full of sweet corn.  I added some pepper to spice up the generous dollop of avocado and the delicate, zesty salsa.

a mini hot cake stack with berry compote, mascarpone and kaffir lime syrup; I am a die-hard maple syrup fan and  generally have it swimming over the  melted pools of butter on my pancakes.  Hence, eating hot cakes with these different toppings was a leap into a new taste sensation.  The clever mix of flavours was all kinds of yum.   The sugar freak in me  wanted heaps more  mascarpone and syrup to sop up with the hotcakes.  My only issue was that I spent so long taking photographs of the platter,  some of the compote syrup found its way over to the fritter by the time I got around to eating.  If I was still a kid, this would have freaked me out!

a 2-fruits cup of seasonal fruit, topped with natural yoghurt, kaffir lime syrup and floss;  I swirled the toppings into the fruit.   Crisp and juicy watermelon and glossy strawberries smothered in that creamy yoghurt with the gentle tang of the kaffir lime syrup = yum!


a mini Juice of the Day (which today was apple, orange and cranberry juice)  This crisp juice was served cold, with that lovely  froth you only get from freshly made fruit juice on the top.
All in all, my breakfast was fresh, colorful and fun (floss is always fun!).  The dish was very Instagrammable. Of course, most importantly, the food was plate-lickingly yummy!

Trev was a generous host, taking the time to explain his dishes and sharing some of his background.

It was a pretty awesome to experience a meal created by a chef with 20 years experience and who actually worked at The Lodge for former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Trev’s duties at the Lodge included creating cabinet dinners for hundreds of people as well as producing private meals for Kevin Rudd and his family. Lucky Kevin is all I can say!

You will find Trevs at Dickson at Dickson, unsurprisingly.  20 Challis St.   Trevs is open from  7 am on weekdays, serving breakfast , lunch, and dinner to his many faithful patrons as well as visitors.  A breakfast main with a coffee set you back about $20 although there are cheaper dishes, one as low as $5.

Saturday brunch starts at 8:30 am. 

Sunday brunch starts at 9 am.

Next visit I am going to try his hollandaise sauce.

*My friends and I were guests of Trev but I have given my honest opinion of his food.



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