Hansik Festival- Photo diary

One of the best things about living in the capital of Australia is the access we have to the embassies.

In fact, one of my earliest memories of Canberra is having a chapati-making tutorial from a new friend who lived in the Kenyan embassy. Isn’t that fabulous?

This is the season when many of the embassies have open days where the public are invited in to see and experience the cultures of the countries they represent.  See link at the bottom of the page for more details.  I need to be extra organized in 2016 as I only went to one this year.

I popped in briefly to the South Korean Embassy to enjoy their Hansik Festival! I learned that the Hansik Festival is all about welcoming the warmer weather and the organizers certainly picked a beautiful warm spring day for it.



While I missed out on seeing the live dancing and K-Pop performances which were scheduled for later in the morning, I managed to get my hands on several breakfast/early lunch samplings.




The smells wafting off the BBQs, I cannot even tell you how delicious they were! FullSizeRender

DSC_6069 DSC_6068 DSC_6067 DSC_6066

There were exotic foods I had never seen before. I even ate what I thought was a witchety grub but was in fact a pickled vegetable. It still makes me extremely brave though doesn’t it?


Several Korean cultural and church groups manned tables heaped with food/snacks/soft drinks to sample or purchase.



So annoyed I forgot to go back to get a sample of these cold drinks.


DSC_6049 DSC_6048 DSC_6041 DSC_6040 DSC_6039 DSC_6042


The warm hospitality of our hosts had everyone walking around with happy smiles.

DSC_6034 DSC_6030


Kids swarmed around the main lawn where they could try playing traditional Korean games and have their faces painted.


DSC_6060 DSC_6061

Not only was this a tantalising glimpse of South Korea, the hospitality we all were received with was outstanding.

Want to go next time?  The Hansik Festival was part of the Windows to the World program where Embassies and High Commisions around Canberra hold open days to the public for nearly 2 weeks starting in September.  Some of these days require booking for numbers, so check the website to make sure.




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