New Exploring


aaaaa bessst

Dory the Explorer loves traveling.  My word, does she just LOVE herself a generous sprinkling of long haul flights and international escapades.
Unfortunately if Dory only posted when she travelled, her blog would dry up like a prune, kind of the trajectory it has been going along lately.
Thank goodness there are many other things that Dory loves exploring.  (You will be pleased to know that speaking in third person is not one of them and that this will be the only time…. EVER.)
For one, there are the food adventures and experiences she has in Canberra and wherever else she stumbles across.
And then there’s this: Dory is ready to wield her cameras, both the DLSR and the iPhone and learn some new tricks. She has a long list of techniques and trends in photography that fascinate her.  You will see it all unfold (or unravel) on the blog as she attempts to master some of these new tricks.
Dory can’t wait for all this new exploring.  Let’s get started meee !



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