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Note: Like I mentioned earlier, I will be blogging a lot more about my photography escapades.

Spider webs are truly a thing of beauty. We all agree , right? Even the spider haters of this world can appreciate a spider web, beaded with garlands of dewdrops that glisten in the morning light.Photographing a perfectly dew-drenched spider web is one of my holy grails. I am always semi on the lookout for a web. We have plenty in the backyard as well as in several corners in the house. Unfortunately our spiders lack any kind of finesse. They are the kind of arachnids that build ugly sturdy insect- catching webs; thoughtless things.

Last week I captured my first perfect spider web with my muse in the background.

Alas it was not real in any way. I cheated to get the shot, using a spider’s web overlay from the incredible Jessica Drossin who creates photo editing actions and overlays.

Many purist photographers won’t dabble too much in Photoshop at all and would perhaps scoff at the use of these extra touches.

I, however, LOVE to play in Photoshop.

I took the original image and did a basic edit.

. DSC_6990    best

After downloading the spider web overlays, I experimented in Layers with the web I liked until I was happy with the effect. I duplicated the spider web in Layers and made the second layer softer, as well erasing the webbing from Kara’s eyes, The image itself had to be quite dark so the web was easily visible.

I copied the pose straight from Jessica’s tutorial because it was the image that had inspired me…..,,.plus I am not one to reinvent the wheel, ever.

best 5dreamy


There is a whole world of magical additions that a little playing at round in Photoshop can add to an image. I am going to explore some of them over the course of the next year. If you do not own a DSLR and haven’t got Photoshop on your computer, don’t worry. I am going to look into free apps that add magic to a smartphone image. Maybe not spider webs, but magic nonetheless.



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