New Year’s Transformations

I sat at my computer on December 30 editing this RAW image. before

While I slowly changed it into  this… afterbestzazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

….I wished that it was only that easy when it came to transformations and resolutions in real life.

Like always, I woke up to a fresh year with ideas of change swirling and tumbling excitedly in my head.                                                                                                                                                   Like always, spending more time enjoying the family and friends that I love is high on my list even though I know that my introvert tends to opt out of social gatherings if I can help it.     Like always, l am determined to save more money; it is a bread and water budget here because the next travel adventure begins in December.  More on that another time.

My resolve to eat healthier, to cook more slow food is already moot because   I am writing this between generous spoonfuls from the tub of Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Buttah Cookie Dough Core that I drove to three 7/11 stores to finally locate.
  Crikey, I didn’t even last one day??

So, I won’t bore you with usual resolutions I try.  Here are the big 2 on my list this year.


1.        Goal number 1 this year is to discover what is ailing my child and have the correct treatment prescribed.  It has been a tough and exhausting 18+ months seeing my increasingly ill and frail child become more lost in the spiral of debilitating, invisible mental illness and not yet have a definitive diagnosis. 

None of the medication seems to be working, despite significant increases in dosage and some experimenting within the treatment options.  I cannot imagine how being stuck in this blight of an illness must feel and I want to take all the pain and confusion away.  I want my child healthy and at peace in body, mind and spirit and until that is achieved, I will be making phone calls, appointments and asking specialists for help. 


2.        Goal number 2 is to spend more time working on and profiting smarter from my photography skills and I want to do that by pairing the camera work with writing.

 I  looked back over the meagre smattering of Instagram posts from Kazuri Photography this year and realized that my cameras saw a sunset only 11 times in 2017.  WHAT!!!!  How did that happen?

I looked at my blog.  Only 2 blog entries in Dory The Explorer in 2017.  PATHETIC!
While part of me is itching to say that the reason for this is because I am numb and worn out from the past year’s mental health battle, I cannot.  I am naturally lazy and an introvert who does not learn new tricks well. 

But I can take a good photo, and I can create good content.  I am determined to get off my backside and create.

So those are my New Year’s resolutions in a nutshell.  What are yours?




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