6 places I am excited to visit on the next TRIP (Post 3 of 6)

Whoops I realize I need to post the next destination!

What with being so busy trying to earn the funds to get us there, I have not had a minute to spare with all the photo editing to write much.

It feels nice to sit down and look at the itinerary tonight.  Though the trip seems so far away and unplanned at the moment with not a thing booked.

I have already revealed Kenya and New Orleans as 2 of the locations I am most looking forward to exploring on the trip.  The 3rd place is also down South in the US.


And it is:  Savannah!

Quintissential South, am I right?  Gosh I hope so.


I am imagining that Savannah will be a gentle and elegant foil to the feisty New Orleans.  And that is just fine by me.  There is a lot to see and do and in the couple of days we have there we will attempt to fit a lot in.

We will stroll through its historic squares though we won’t be able to get to them all.  There are 22 squares in Savannah, in fact the city was planned around these beautiful green areas. Aren’t they beautiful and inviting?


Photo via Lucas Seilers



Photo via Historic Savannah

Spanish Moss.  Maybe it’s weird, but I want to see Spanish Moss in real life.  Draped delicately over the city’s live oaks, they give the landscape that Gothic feel that Savannah is known for.

spanish moss

Photo by Kathy Fornal

A historic home.  The gorgeous historic homes of Savannah are highly prized as a rich historical resource. We are keen to visit an old home and see how the Southern gentry lived.  One home that is on the maybe list is Mercer House.  I will be honest though, the cost of touring a house will impact our decision on which one we will go see.


Photo via Hamilton-Turnerinn

Bonaventure Cemetery is large, unique and beautiful.   I first saw it in the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Because of its sprawling size, I will do my research so that we see the prettiest and most interesting bits before we get foot-weary..


Photo via Haunted Holidaze

We will walk down ‘the most beautiful street in America’, Jones St.  It is free and with its mid-19th century architecture and spreading trees, I know it is going to captivate us.


Image by Angelina Mercado

Explore River Street.  River Street is exactly that.  A street on the Savannah River overlooking a busy harbour.  Think cobblestones in the historic heart of Savannah.  Oh my!  Yes please.  🙂

River Street Shops, Savannah, Georgia

River Street Shops, Savannah, Georgia

Image by Scott L Robinson

View of ferry boat crossing Savannah River, River Street waterfront

View of ferry boat crossing Savannah River, River Street waterfront

Image by Scott L Robinson

3 places I have earmarked for us to see on our river walk are:

River Street Marketplace– We must to go to the local market!


image via Savannah International Airport

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen which is the biggest candy shop in the South.  The candy is made in-store so you can see the process.  And look, they make healthy candy!


image by Ariana

River Street Sweets  More candy, I know, but they have such a good reputation.  They are a landmark, an iconic Savannah experience.


Image via Facebook


image via Flickr


Ok, I am going to fly through the food.  I have loved Southern food my whole life and just thinking about it comforts me.  Here are just a few must-eats on my list; please tell me if I have missed any!

Iced tea/sweet tea.  Homemade iced tea with a bit of lemon is just about the best beverage ever..  When we are in the South, I want to drink it EVERYDAY


Image by Marlene Koch

Fried green tomatoes.  They never appealed to me until some place on the Food Network showed us how they make thousands of them every day and I got a craving.  Gotta try it!


Image by Wendi


Grits, grits, grits.  I just LOVE grits.  Is it a polarizing food?  Coarsely ground maize that is boiled doesn’t sound fantastic but I love them served any old way.  For breakfast with butter and sugar, for lunch with loads of cheese, for dinner as shrimp and grits.  Yum!


Image via anothershadow.com



Image by Terry Grieco Kenny

Chicken and waffles.  Who has had this taste sensation?  I cannot imagine it, but I am giving it a whirl.


Image by Christin

Collard greens.  I ate and enjoyed collard greens in Kenya in dishes like Sukuma wiki, so I am excited to get a taste of them cooked with Southern flair.


Image by Monique


Pie .  We don’t do lots of pies here and I want taste some good pies.  Pictured is my all-time favorite: key lime, but I am excited for peanut-butter , cherry, pecan……


Image by Ian Bagwell

Southern barbecue!!! Duh!  I have heard that Sandfly is the place to visit for the real deal.


Image by Southern Reality News

Mrs Wilkes.  This is an eating experience that I am so keen for.  At Mrs Wilkes, you come in and have a family dinner with a bunch of strangers at a table loaded with fried chicken, meatloaf and literally ALL the fixin’s (including cornbread dressing, sweet potato soufflé, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins and biscuits).  Doesn’t that sound fantastic.  What a great concept!  A couple of the kids are less than thrilled at the thought of sitting down like family with strangers, but what better way to meet new folk.


What do you think?  Are you being beguiled by Savannah?  Any Savannah tips?South


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