6 places I am excited to visit on the next TRIP (Post 4 of 6)

Sorry it has taken me so long to churn out my post on location #4 of the ‘places I cannot wait to visit’.  It is a short and sweet post, as the real research and accommodation booking has begun.  😛  Eeee!

This next location is one I first heard about on my friend Margo’s Facebook page when she took a short holiday there. Margo is a photographer and her shots of their holiday captured my imagination. I immediately Googled the place to find out where on earth it was.

So, the 4th location we can hardly wait to make a beeline for is:

St Augustine in Florida!!!

St Augustine in Florida! best-things-to-do-in-st-augustine-fl_f

Image via VacationIdea.com

What? Here are a few of the things that have piqued my interest to see and do in St Augustine. It is a very short stay and also is our Christmas location, so we will probably cover less here than some of the other locations.

As always, let me know your tips!

Old stuff

St Augustine is the Oldest city in America.

This means COBBLESTONES!  I love cobblestoned streets.  You can just feel the history pulsing under your feet when you walk across them, don’t you think?

Castilla de San Marcos is a 17th century fortress built to protect St Augustine from attack when Florida was part of the Spanish Empire

Castilla de San Marcos11

image via Recreation.gov

Castilla de San Marcos

image via NPS

Colonial Quarter

A two minute walk from the fortress, Colonial Quarter is like an open air, living museum spread over 2 cobble-stoned acres; a recreation of Spanish and British colonial life in St Augustine. We plan to spend some time wandering through and immersing ourselves within 3 centuries of historical life unfolding around us. Cannot wait!

colonial quarter1

Image via Frank Perez


colonial quarter

image by Paula Benfeldt Diaz

Lightner Museum

We probably won’t have time to actually go through the Lightner Museum, but we MUST go past it as it is just such a beautiful building, being the old Alcazar Hotel.  Doesn’t it look impressive?

Lightner Museum

Image via Trolley Tours

Lightner Museum is just a 9 minute walk from the Colonial Quarter. How convenient that everything is within walking distance in the historical section that we will be mainly visiting.

We plan to walk across the scenic Bridge of Lions that connects the mainland of St Augustine to Anastasia Island. Bridge of Lions

image via  Spotlight

St Augustine was built to protect the land from rampaging pirates.

So it has plenty of one of our favorite things:

Pirate Stuff!!!!

We haven’t got long in St Augustine but our priority is anything pirate-related! Anything else will have to fit in around pirate stuff.

We are going to visit the Pirate & Treasure Museum which houses some amazing pirate artefacts including the only known pirate treasure chest and one of the only remaining Jolly Roger flags. So keen to see some real pirate stuff!


image via Atlas Obscura



image via TrolleyTours.com

Treasury St- the narrowest street in America; built just wide enough for a chest of gold to be carried through it by 2 men, narrow enough for that they could not be ambushed by a horse drawn carriage

treasury st

image via Florida Memory

Christmas Stuff

We are spending Christmas Day here, so on Christmas eve we will hopefully have the energy to go see the Nights of Lights.


both images by Florida Historic Coast.com


Weird stuff

Love trees! Florida’s warm humid climate ensures a rich plant life and in St August here trees of two different species of trees grow in and around each other, unable to be separated. I want to see this crazy phenomenon! There is one on Cordova Street which is just a short walk from the Colonial Quarter, so that is probably the best location to see a love tree.

love trees

image by SpeechFoodie.com

Ripleys’ Believe it Or Not was such a highlight of our visit to London, I am really hoping we can fit in a visit to Ripley’s Odditorium in St Augustine.  Possibly we can visit on Christmas Day as it is on of the few attractions that is open on that day.


Image via Magic Beach Motel

Food stuff

I am a bit stuck on what or where to eat here.  We are probably going to have to try the Spanish bakery and cafe in the Colonial Quarter.


Image via Pinsdaddy.com

Apart from that, I think we will sample some fast food and also come up with a Christmas lunch.

Ok, so have any of you been to St Augustine?  Are we hitting home runs with our itinerary?


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