Rest Day!

After a packet of chips for breakfast, I donned a long skirt and headed for the little shopping centre to get groceries, especially a pineapple for Kara and some Tusker beer for Bodie.
A little motorcycle taxi tried to give me a lift but beyond that I arrived at the shopping centre with no hassle at all.
An armed policewomen searched my backpack and then I sat for half an hour waiting for the supermarket to open.
The supermarket was modern and full of enticing food. Only 1 pineapple though, so I nabbed it.
With a full backpack plus 2 very heavy bags I gratefully accepted a short ride in a tuktuk.
We had perused the menu for lunch at the swim-up bar online, but when I went to place orders that menu no longer existed and the prices had gone up ( surprise surprise🙄)
Almost everything I ordered came out wrong and we had specified takeaway ( he refused to take notes of the order!) so I felt DREADFUL when the chef put out all these carefully dressed plates of food and then had to scrap each plate into a takeaway box.
Flynn has never had a steak well cooked before and he put a big piece in his mouth ( like he might do with a piece cooked medium rare) but it was so chewy, he choked on it.
The meat tastes different to our beef so it takes a bit of getting used to, but everything was delicious.
I had contacted our Airbnb host to see if we could do a late checkout as our plane doesn’t leave until just before midnight on the 7th. His co-host popped past and was just lovely. She extended checkout until 3pm and then we can sit in the lobby. So kind! And no extra charge!
It was a real lazy day of playing games and just resting until 4 when Kara, Flynn and I went in the quiet pool for a swim.


There was a large and very long swimming lesson taking place, so we played Marco Polo around them. Kara made a sweet little friend who joined our game briefly. A group of swimming lesson boys ganged up on Flynn and shouted out direction to Kara to find him which made Flynn laughed so hard, he swallowed heaps of pool water. The pool water was really warm, but boy we were refreshed after.
The beach is pretty and exotic but as soon as you step onto it, you are getting hassled to do boat rides etc, so we are just watching it from afar.




I made chapatis and savoury mince for dinner and we played 20 questions and Ticket to Ride until bed.     E6BC3BD4-9AAD-4C2D-A1D0-32266F4C4D27 18E24F35-A903-4F88-838F-89040446064E 8B061DD7-0567-4C0F-9593-B5B639A12DE4


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