Everything is bigger in Vegas

Kara felt a bit head-coldy when she woke, but the rest of us were down in the lobby catching the shuttle in to the Strip by 10 am.  

It was a cloudy day and pleasant for the middle of winter.  A good day to walk down the Strip.



I had googled from home in Australia ‘ what to do on the Strip if you don’t gamble and are broke’.  The result was a self guided tour of  the spectacle of both the inside and and exterior of many of the huge casinos.

As we strolled in to Caesar’s Palace, I actually did not expect to see any gambling taking place at all.  I guess I thought it would be  deeper inside. But  no, all the machines (or whatever you call them) are quite confronting, in your face from the very moment you walk in; all the different card games are being played with lots of smoking going on, cigars being puffed; a lot of credit card being used.

i thought, ‘where is all the amazing stuff that article mentioned? This sucks!’

We dutifully followed the guide’s suggestion to walk towards  the Roman forum shops, and from them on it git good.  We were walking under another amazing fake sky and we were in Rome.; not the real Rome where there are some undesirable areas, but a glossy, golden fantasy place.  The interior is huge with attention to detail in the incredible Roman facade. It’s is as if the Disney imagineers designed it!



We spent a long time inside , partially because we got a little lost. The kids had specific things they were looking for as souvenirs.  I actually hate shopping, unless it is a Walmart, so I sat outside the souvenir shops and people watched.

We walked through Bellagio’s, the Venetian and Treasure Island. Gosh when I write it it sounds pathetic for nearly 6 hours of exploring.  The time flew by.  And we got lost in each Casino. Do they desing them to be like a maze Everything is bigger in on purpose?



The Venetian was my favourite.  I had my doubts when I saw the outside canals where I felt the calnals needed a little maintenance and I could not conjure up Venice in my mind looking at it. but the interior and the inside canals were spot on!


24CE5144-062E-4ED5-88D4-9B6929B7F70D It was fun being a tourist! 

I noticed that when inside the casinos it became a little oppressive after a while, the lights were low, even in the restaurants.  The 13 yr old is a walking encyclopedia on all the tricks that the casinos use to keep people playing; apparently one is soft, unchanging lighting.  How and why does he know this?

We lunched at Margaritaville and it was even dark in there.  The dishes were massive, way too much on the plate.

We grateful rested our tired feet in the shuttle back home

Back at our digs, we battled jet lag and did laundry in equal measure.

Our apartment has a full laundry on the balcony.  It is certainly is a well equipped apartment- we have wanted for nothing.

i battled to stay awake as Flynn chatted to a couple friends back home. Then, blessed oblivion….


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